The Ohio State University at Lima


June 12, 2008




Mrs. Knight called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm at Shawnee Country Club.  The meeting had been moved there as part of the activities to award the Violet I. Meek Town and Gown Award at a reception planned for 5:00 at the same location.  The following Trustees answered the roll call: Dr. Hubbell, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Reinhart, Mrs. Schulte, and Mr. Young.  Mr. Slusher attended the meeting but Dr. Ackerman and Mr. Brooks were absent.  Dr. Snyder and Dr. Rockhold attended in their official capacity.  Several faculty and staff members attended.


Mrs. Knight introduced Victoria Gonzalez as a guest to the Board of Trustees.  Ms. Gonzalez will be the 2008-09 Student Trustee.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Dr. Hubbell moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that the reading of the minutes of the May 8, 2008 meeting be waived and they be approved as previously circulated.  The motion was unanimously approved. 


Mr. Griffith entered the meeting at 4:10.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION:  Mr. Phelps explained that the revenue to date                          is $12,438,927, or 95.9% of anticipated revenue and that expenditures are $11,278,445 or 87.1% of expenditure.   Revenue is higher because of higher student enrollment and controlled expenditures.  He noted that faculty and staff paid on a nine month basis would cause a large expenditure in June.  He noted, however, that he projects a strong year end closing.


Mr. Reinhart questioned the status of reimbursement of the Cost Share Agreement by Rhodes State College.  Mr. Phelps noted that payment has not yet been forthcoming, but we anticipates that this amount will be recorded as a receivable in the FY09 budget currently in preparation.


Mrs. Knight thanked Mr. Phelps for the expanded fiscal reporting and asked if future  reports could begin to show historical trends in major revenue and expenditure cost centers.


Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Griffith seconded the motion that the financial report be approved as submitted.  The motion was unanimously approved.








DEAN AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Dean Snyder reported on the following matters:


Awards Ceremony.  Dean Snyder thanked members for attending the annual awards ceremony.  He noted that Nellie Smith was singled out by the University for her outstanding accomplishments in English composition.  Nellie is the third Ohio State Lima so noted in the last four years.


Mrs. Knight noted that the Awards Ceremony becomes more impressive each year.


Admissions.  Dean Snyder explained that preliminary data on new student admissions show an increase of five (5) percent for 2008-09. Admissions data is collected weekly.


Architect’s meeting.  Dean Snyder reported that he and staff met with the University Architect to review progress being made on the master plan, siting of the proposed Student Life and Community Center, and siting of the parking lot expansions.   Agreements between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College have still not been reached; thus, further explanation and recommendations for approval is not yet scheduled.


Meeting with Ohio Board of Regents.  Dean Snyder reported that little progress was made when Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College representatives met with representatives from the Ohio Board of Regents on May 16.  This meeting had been organized as a next exploratory step to resolve impasses in the ongoing board to board conversations.


The Ohio Board of Regents has agreed to meet with the parties again in the role of mediator, this time on June 18 at Lima, to continue these discussions.  James Narfang will represent the Board of Regents and serve as mediator.


Ohio State University and co located campus cost share agreements.  Dean Snyder explained that the University will begin a process of establishing cost share agreements on each of their locations shared with a co located institution.  The process will include the University Controller and a representative from  the Office of Academic Affairs and will culminate in a revised cost share agreement.  The process will begin at the Marion campus and will continue then to Ohio State Lima.  No date was sited for completion of this activity.


Student Life and Community Center.  Dean Snyder explained that he and Dr. McCurdy have met and toured the proposed site of this facility and the expanded parking lot.   No agreements were reached.  He noted that Ohio State Lima has now filed the necessary forms to proceed with the building.  In working with the architect, plans will be developed for three  different facilities ranging from $8,000,000 to $10,300,000 to $12,000,000.  The difference in the facilities would be based on the amount of funding available.


Expanded Parking Lot.  Dean Snyder explained that he and Dr. McCurdy have been unable to decide on a recommendation for location of the expanded parking lot.  Having met with facilities experts from the University, the University will proceed with selecting a site for the lot.


Student Housing.  Dean Snyder reported that progress is ongoing on both the apartment complex and the dormitory housing opportunities for Ohio State Lima students.  The Longmeadow apartments are approximately 40% under contract with construction expected to be complete in late August.  The Plus Management facility on Ada Road has nearly 50% occupancy contracted.  Occupancy at both locations is expected to increase during the summer months as students complete orientation.


STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT:  Mr. Slusher reported that students tend to be increasingly involved in student activities and student orientation. 


Mrs. Knight asked that a section be added to subsequent agendas for reports from the Student Trustee. 


Mr. Unverferth entered the meeting at 4:35.


PRESENTATION:  Dean Snyder thanked Mrs. Knight for her excellent service as Chair of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees for 2008-09, noting that she gave excellent guidance to the conduct of the meetings as well as a representative of the community.


Dean Snyder thanked Mr. Slusher for his service as Student Trustee, and thanked him for his excellent record of representing students’ interest.  He also noted that Mr. Slusher was recently elected as President of the Student Senate at Ohio State Lima.




NEW BUSINESS:  The following matters of new business were considered:


Dr. Hubbell moved and Mrs. Schulte seconded the motion that Thomas E. Griffith be elected as Chair of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees for a term beginning on July 1, 2008 and ending on June 30, 2009.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Mr. Griffith moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion that James W. Unverferth be elected as Vice Chair of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees for a term beginning on July 1, 2008 and ending on June 30, 2009.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Mr. Griffith moved and Dr. Hubbell seconded the motion that Nancy J. Knight be recognized for her excellent service as Chair of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees for 2007-08.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion that Jered Slusher be recognized for his excellent service as Student Trustee of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees for 2007-08.  The motion was unanimously approved.




ADJOURN:  Mr. Unverferth moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was unanimously approved and Mrs. Knight declared the meeting adjourned at 4:47.



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Nancy J. Knight, Chair                                   Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

June 12, 2008                                                 June 12, 2008