The Ohio State University at Lima


March 12, 2009


Mr. Griffith called the meeting to order at 4 p.m. with the following members present: Mr. Griffith, Dr. Hubbell, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Schulte, Mr. Unverferth and Mr. Young.  Mr. Deters, Mr. Hadley and Mr. Reinhart were absent.  Appointed members present were Dr. Ackerman, Mr. Brooks and Ms. Gonzalez.  Dr. Snyder and Mrs. Moorman attended in their official capacity.  Several faculty and staff members attended.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Mr. Young moved and Mrs. Knight seconded the motion that the reading of the February 12, 2009 minutes be waived and that they be approved as previously distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION:  Mr. Phelps presented a written and verbal report of the financial condition through February 2009, noting all categories remain within budget.  Revenues through February 2009 total $9,431,355 and expenses total $8,303,424. 


The latest word from Governor Strickland’s office indicates state subsidies will remain unchanged for this year and may continue as such for next fiscal year.  A tuition increase is not planned for next year.  At present, it is anticipated that up to a 2.5% aggregate salary increase will be possible for all employees.


Dr. Hubbell inquired about non-resident tuition shown under Revenues on the Budget Rollup.  Mr. Phelps explained that Ohio State Lima has at least 2 out-of-state students and is mandated by law to charge a non-resident tuition.  Federal law also mandates that all males 18 years of age who register for college must also register for selective service at this time if they have not yet done so and will be charged non-resident tuition if they fail to comply.


Dr. Hubbell moved and Mrs. Knight seconded the motion that the statement of financial condition be accepted.  The motion was unanimously approved.


TRUSTEE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Mr. Young reported that the Campus Planning and Facilities Committee met at 3 p.m. today and shared information on the following four major projects currently underway or in the planning stages:


·         Science Building:  Heating system failed causing pipes to freeze during the holidays this past December.  Repair is estimated at $100K.  Three bids are being collected for this three-week project.  Rhodes State College will file a claim for this damage with their insurer.

·         Galvin Hall:  The two elevators in Galvin Hall are 43 years old and are in need of repair or replacement.  An inspection audit is currently underway for safety purposes.  Repair costs are estimated at $800K for both elevators.  OSU-L has money set aside for repair.  RSC plans to seek release of renovation funds for its share of repair.

·         Galvin Hall:  Funds are available in the amount of $400K and plans are underway to replace the roof on Galvin Hall this summer.

·         Reed Hall:  Boiler in Reed Hall will be replaced this summer with two boilers at a cost of $100K and will result in energy savings.


Mrs. Knight inquired about the existence of a schedule for repairs.  Mr. Phelps stated that Marc Pescosolido, Facilities Manager, is currently assessing all buildings and creating a maintenance schedule.  It’s essential to have a plan in place to take advantage of any supplemental funds that may be received from the State.  Mr. Phelps also noted that both Renovation funds and Operating Funds may be used for repair.


DEPARTMENTAL REPORT:  Amanda Miller introduced John Pruehs, of Pruehs and Associates, LLC, to provide feasibility study results for the planned capital campaign.

Mr. Pruehs explained he has interviewed community leaders, donors and constituents to gauge general attitudes in regard to Ohio State Lima.  Those interviewed have had the opportunity to view a DVD produced by the OSU Lima department of Development.


Mr. Pruehs distributed materials including a list of interviewees, explanation of the feasibility study process, an update on collaborative partners (Lima YMCA, Procter & Gamble, Rudolph Foods, St. Rita’s Medical Center), and preliminary study highlights based on 28 interviews conducted to date.


Excellent professors, an affordable and high quality education in Lima, a highly personalized education, and good preparation for students changing campuses to Columbus were notable comments heard most often.  Many of those interviewed expressed an unawareness of changes on the Ohio State Lima campus and believe that Ohio State Lima needs to establish a stronger presence in the Lima community.


In regard to the campaign goal, 89% felt that a campaign goal of $5-6 million over a 3-5 year period was realistic, with 82% responding they would support this goal.


Mr. Pruehs will present a final report and plan of action to the Board of Trustees upon completion of all interviews.  Next steps include seeking formal approval of the Board of Trustees to move forward and form volunteer teams to solicit donors.


STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT:  Ms. Gonzalez reported that Student Senate conducted a leadership meeting this past Monday to discuss the future of Student Senate, including election of officers and upcoming election of Student Trustee.


Student Senate has announced plans to sponsor a talent show on campus on May 28th


Dr. Ackerman shared that Student Senate made an excellent presentation at the recent Faculty Assembly meeting which will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the April meeting.


DEAN AND DIRECTOR REPORT:  Dr. Snyder reported on the following items of interest:


·         The Advocate’s Luncheon scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2009, will feature speaker Dr. William Ackerman and students presenting on a youth violence study in Lima.

·         Dean Snyder noted that nomination instructions for the Ohio State Lima Hall of Fame are included with today’s agenda materials.  Nomination deadline is March 21, 2009.

·         Ohio State Lima Friends of the Arts organization has been formed to include scholars, patrons of the arts and benefactors whose primary purpose is to support the tradition of visual and performing arts.

·         Basically Buckeyes will be published by the Office of Development in fall 2009 and will include an insert listing all arts performances for the academic year.

·         Dr. Ackerman was honored in Columbus on March 11 as a nominee for the John T. Mount Award.  Dr. Ackerman was nominated by OSU Lima student, Nellie Smith, a member of the prestigious Sphinx Senior Class Honorary.




NEW BUSINESS:  Motion was made by Dr. Hubbell, seconded by Mr. Young and unanimously approved that Jeanne Moorman be appointed Interim Recording Secretary to the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees, replacing Jon Rockhold who will retire June 30, 2009.


Dr. Snyder shared that he will bring forth for discussion at a future meeting, ideas for blending Board Committee meetings into the Board of Trustees meetings, Board meeting frequency and timing of committee meetings and departmental reports in regard to the academic cycle.


Mr. Griffith shared that Howard Watkins is currently undergoing treatment at Kenton Rehabilitation Center.  Mr. Griffith promised to send an update to Mrs. Moorman to share with the Board.  Flowers will be sent to Mr. Watkins from the Dean and Director’s Office on behalf of Ohio State Lima.


Amanda Miller shared that Clark Kellogg has verbally committed to be the guest speaker at Spring for Scholarships on either May 4 or May 11, 2009, at Shawnee Country Club.


ADJOURNMENT:  Dr. Hubbell moved and Mrs. Schulte seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was unanimously approved and Mr. Griffith declared the meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.  The Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees will meet next on April 9, 2009.




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Thomas E. Griffith, Chair                                           Jeanne M. Moorman, Interim Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                            Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

March 12, 2009                                                           March 12, 2009