The Ohio State University at Lima


November 13, 2008




In the absence of the Chair, those Trustees present asked Mrs. Knight, immediate past Chair, to conduct the meeting.  Mrs. Knight called the meeting to order and asked for a roll call.  The following members were present:  Dr. Hubbell, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Reinhart, and Mr. Young.  Mr. Deters, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Hadley, Mrs. Schulte, and Mr. Unverferth were absent.  Appointed members Dr. Ackerman, Mr. Brooks, and Ms. Gonzalez were present.


Mrs. Knight announced that the meeting lacked a quorum.  Those members present decided to proceed with the proposed agenda and complete the business and reports at hand, and that motions and seconds to business should occur routinely.  The minutes should be crafted and distributed to all members and appropriate action to consider them should be taken at the December 11, 2008 meeting.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES.  Dr. Hubbell moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion that the reading of the minutes of October 9, 2008 be waived and that they be approved as previously distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION.  Mr. Phelps presented an oral and written analysis of the current financial position of Ohio State Lima.  He reported that Instructional Fees exceed budget expectation by five (5) percent due to higher enrollment.  Year to date revenue stands at $5,238,941 while expenditures amount to $3,824,486.  All budget categories are within reasonable tolerances.


Mr. Reinhart asked if FY 2008 funds have been received from Rhodes State College as part of the Cost Share Agreement.  Mr. Phelps indicated that some has been paid, but that the recent budget reconciliation conducted by Ohio State Lima, Rhodes State College, and the Ohio State Controller’s Office resulted in approximately $58,000 due from Rhodes State College.  These funds have not yet been transferred.


Mr. Reinhart further asked about the library allocation.   Mr. Phelps reported that the Ohio State Lima library budgeted allocation is $166,000.  Rhodes State College has apparently chosen not to follow the Cost Share Agreement and has budgeted $20,000, of which $15,000 is Rhodes State College specific books, journals, and periodicals and $5,000 for the general collection.


Mr. Young moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that the statement of financial condition be approved.  The motion was unanimously approved.


TRUSTEE COMMITTEE REPORT: CAMPUS PLANNING/FACILITIES.  Mr. Young, Mr. Reinhart, and Dr. Snyder reported about the activities of this committee as follows:


·         Dean Snyder shared a November 7 email/letter from the Ohio Board of Regents relative to a December 9 videoconference dealing with the need for improved facility and technology infrastructure improvements for higher education throughout Ohio.  The committee, having reviewed the questions, recommended that Dr. Snyder and/or his designee represent Ohio State Lima’s interest and prepare and forward the necessary information to the Ohio Board of Regents.  Dr. Snyder will report to the Ohio State LIma Board of Trustees on the actions taken.

·         The elevators in Galvin Hall operate inconsistently and may be a hazard to students, faculty, and staff.  Ohio State Lima has requested that funds be loaned from the University for the repair, estimated at $1,000,000, or for permission to pay for the repairs from reserve funds.  The cost for engineering and repair should be a responsibility of the Cost Share Agreement.

·         Planning for the proposed Student Life and Community Center proceed on schedule.  The decision has been made to build as many square feet as possible, with minimal furnishings, with the $8,000,000 allocation approved by the University.  The Ohio State Lima Office of Development will attempt to raise the remainder of the revenue needed to equip the facility.  Mr. Young asked about Rhodes State College participation in the project, to which Dr. Snyder indicated that Rhodes State College students, faculty, and staff would have access to it, but that the College will not be a funding partner.  Operational utility costs will be allocated through the Cost Share Agreement.


TRUSTEE COMMITTEE REPORT:  FINANCE.  Dean Snyder reported that this committee did not meet.  A meeting will be established for December 11 at 3:00.


DEPARTMENTAL REPORT:  DEVELOPMENT.  Amanda Miller, Director of Development, introduced Janet Anderson, newly hired Administrative Assistant in the Department of Development.  She also presented a visual/oral explanation of some of the Department of Development activities and priorities:

·         The department is moving from the traditional model of Department of Development to a Department of Advancement.  This evolution also includes working with OSU Alumni Clubs and the OSU Alumni Association, conducting and cooperating with events on campus and in the community, and being part of the scholarship program at Ohio State Lima.

·         She explained that the forthcoming Comprehensive Capital Campaign has three foci: the Student Life and Community Center, the Lima Fund, and Scholarships.  She explained that a feasibility study is currently underway and that preliminary reports have been positive.  The Lima Fund, designed to support student travel and research, is not yet well understood but has been well received.

·         The recent scholarship dessert was organized as a joint project between the Office of Development and Office of Admissions.   It was very well attended and well received by donors and students.

·         Efforts have begun to organize a separate alumni group of former students who have completed their baccalaureate and/or graduate degrees in education at Ohio State Lima.  To date, more than 100 alumni have voiced an interest.

·         A new publication, Basically Buckeye, will soon be forthcoming.  It will feature past and current information as well as future plans.  No date was suggested for the roll out of the newsletter.


Dr. Hubbell asked if efforts could be advanced to encourage community attendance at Ohio State Lima programs and performances.  Ms. Miller explained that an insert has been placed in programs at recent events to ask attendees for directory information for this purpose.  The request has been successful, and the plan is to build a data base and provide invitations to these persons.


Mr. Reinhart asked about the impact of the Buckeye Award of Distinction.  Mrs. Keehn reported that the General Fund invested $272,015 in scholarships last year, and any effort to raise additional revenue for scholarships is most welcome.  Mrs. Keehn reported that the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid feels strongly that the awards have been instrumental in increased freshman enrollment.  As structured, the awards are offered to first and second year students, but Mrs. Keehn and her staff are currently exploring a model that would provide some support for third year students.  Such an effort would likely enhance retention of current students.  A further report will be forthcoming.


STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT:  Ms. Gonzalez reported on the following activities:

·         The recent campus wide Get Out the Vote campaign was very successful in terms of educating students about candidates and issues and, presumably, about students actually voting in the general election.

·         The Student Senate has organized a recycling event on campus on November 25 in conjunction with Allen County Recycling.

·         Past Student Trustee Jered Slusher wrote an article for the Communicator to explain progress being made to improve and expand parking arrangements on campus.

·         The Student Senate has begun publication of an email newsletter to keep students informed about campus plans and activities.


DEAN AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT.  Dr. Snyder reported on the following activities:

·         An agreement has been signed by both Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College for the Ohio Board of Regents to conduct meetings between the parties.  The cost of the facilitation is $8,000, the costs to be shared equally between the institutions. Two committees will be developed, one dealing with campus space assignment and classroom access while the other will deal with establishing overall relationships and revision of the Cost Share Agreement.  These meetings are to finish by December 15, but to date the Ohio Board of Regents has not set a date for them to begin.

·         The recent Advocates meeting was successful.  Temple Patton presented the DREAM program, a program designed to help build academic success and University enrollment to at risk students.

·         Dr. Gilbert Cloyd, recently retired Procter and Gamble Chief Technical Officer and Chair of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees, recently visited Ohio State Lima as well as the local Procter and Gamble manufacturing and logistics facilities.  He also spoke to the Lima Rotary Club.  Dr. Cloyd began his academic career at Ohio State Lima.

·         Dean Snyder reminded Trustees that they are welcome to tour the new Longmeadow apartments after the meeting.

·         The Department of Theatre will feature its Children’s Theatre production next week to approximately 2,300 students.

·         The University Chorus will present its annual fall concert on December 4 in the Martha W. Farmer Theatre.




NEW BUSINESS.  The following matters of new business were considered and approved.


Mr. Young moved and Mr. Reinhart seconded the motion that The Ohio State University at Lima Board of Trustees recognizes Dr. Susan Hubbell for being honored as an Outstanding Society Leader by The Ohio State University Alumni Association.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Mr. Reinhart moved and Dr. Hubbell seconded the motion that The Ohio State University at Lima Board of Trustees recognize and thank Clyde Rauch for his service to Ohio State Lima in a series of conversations between members of the Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College Boards of Trustees.  The motion was unanimously approved.




ADJOURN.  Dr. Hubbell moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The motion was unanimously approved and Mrs. Knight declared the meeting adjourned at 5:01.  The next meeting of the Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees will be at 4:00 on December 11, 2008.




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Nancy J. Knight, Chair Pro temp                               Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                            Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

November 13, 2008                                                    November 13, 2008



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