Board of Trustees

October 9, 2008




Mr. Griffith called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm with the following members present:  Mr. Griffith, Mr. Hadley, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Reinhart, and Mrs. Schulte.  Mr. Deters, Mr. Unverferth, and Mr. Young were absent.  Appointed members Dr. Ackerman and Ms. Gonzalez were present, but Mr. Brooks was absent.  Drs. Snyder and Rockhold attended in their official capacity.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Mr. Hadley moved and Mrs. Schulte seconded the motion that the reading of the August 14 minutes be waived and that they be approved as distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved.


CONSIDERATION OF FINANCIAL CONDITION:  In Mr. Phelps absence, Dr. Snyder presented a report that noted revenue at 14.59%, reflecting on the summer 08 tuition.  Total revenue was $1,998,690 and expenditures were $2,581,080.  The report indicated that many departments had major beginning of the school year costs, but the costs will flatten out to match revenue as the year progresses.  The current $582,370 deficit is financed through the reserve fund, which will be repaid as tuition revenue is forthcoming.


Dean Snyder noted that State of Ohio increased its subsidy 8.6% due to the lack of tuition increase.  The various cost centers’ variance was within acceptable ranges.


Mr. Reinhart moved and Mr. Hadley seconded the motion that the report of financial condition be approved as submitted.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Dr. Hubbell entered the meeting at 4:16.


SPECIAL PRESENTATION:  Karen Meyer and John Upshaw presented the results of the Student Satisfaction Survey completed in May 2008.  Developed by a private vendor and last completed in 2003, the instrument concentrates on building a paradigm of growing positive attitudes toward Ohio State Lima students and assuring that the campus culture presents a good fit of their aspirations and realities. 


The data showed that Ohio State Lima has a retention rate of 65%, on a par with other regional campuses and other national indicators.  More than half of incoming students chose Ohio State Lima as their first choice and another third picked it at their second choice.  Overall, the data indicated Ohio State Lima meets student satisfaction as compared with their expectations for a college/university experience.


The Retention Committee will be reconvened to analyze the data and offer its recommendations on how Ohio State Lima can continue to meet students’ needs for academic and campus life satisfaction.


ADMISSIONS:  Beth Keehn explained information from the Office of Admissions:


·         Enrollment is expected to increase by 5.5% with a potential of 1,428 students.  Not all students have yet paid their fees.

·         Ohio State Lima has students from 44 Ohio counties, with 514 of them being new first quarter freshmen.

·         Marketing of Ohio State Lima has now expanded along the I 75 corridors, primarily between Toledo and Dayton.  Some admissions activities will be held in the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas.

·         She believes the Buckeye Distinction Awards have been successful in that $469,482 was distributed this year.  Freshmen enrollment has nearly doubled in the last two years.

·         Students changing campuses between Lima and Columbus has increased from 127 to 199 for 2007 and 2008, respectively.

·         Plans are being implemented to coordinate Admissions with other offices on campus to promote student attendance and involvement in athletics and recreation, career planning, counseling and consultation, and Passport to LIma.


STUDENT TRUSTEE:  Victoria Gonzalez reported that on the following topics:


·     The Student Senate organized a Rock the Vote on campus and invited all candidates and their representatives.  The activity was well attended by both candidates and students.

·     Sufficient parking is a major problem for students.  Victoria and her associates helped to park cars one day to see the extent to which the issue was impacting students.  She was encouraged that a new parking lot has been sited and that work on it is to proceed yet this fall. 

·     She expressed concern that some political posters had been removed and/or defaced.  Mr. Upshaw explained the policy for placing posters throughout the campus.

·     She explained that both Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College students and staff have developed a plan which is being implemented to revamp the cafeteria to make it more appealing to students.  The process is being funded by AVI


DEAN AND DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Dean Snyder reported on the following matters:

·     The plans to expand parking are underway.  Rhodes State College has the responsibility for planning.  The site has been determined and initial work has begun.  No completion date has been established.

·     The process for meeting with representatives from the Ohio Board of Regents has not yet begun.  When initiated, one committee will work on issues related to classroom access and space use.  The other group will deal with relationships between Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College and issues related to amending the cost share agreement.

·     The Ohio State Lima Advocates will meet on October 24 at 11:30 in Reed Hall.  Temple Patton from the Admissions Department and coordinator of the Dream Program will present the program.

·     The opening of the 2008-09 school year went well with increased enrollment and excellent new faculty.  Some of the activities planned to welcome both students and faculty have proven to help spirit and interaction among the Ohio State Lima “family.”


OLD BUSINESS:  Dean Snyder and Doug Reinhart explained that the Board to Board Conversations have concluded with mixed results.   Clyde Rauch will develop his view of the accomplishments made during these discussions and share them with Drs. Snyder and McCurdy for their review, edit, and ultimate approval. 


Dr. Snyder explained that some of the unresolved differences will be delegated to two groups: (1) the committee working on classroom use and space assignments and (2) the group working on relationships between the two entities and modification of the cost share agreement.  An initial goal was to have these discussions completed by December 15, 2008.


Dean Snyder also explained that there was no agreement on the base year to begin calculations for revising the cost share agreement.  The parties have agreed to use data from a five year rolling average of enrollment to evolve proportional costs on many provisions within the cost share agreement.  This decision has fiscal implications that need to be addressed in the budget. Ohio State Lima proceeded on the current budget using past practices and formulae in the current cost share agreement.






Dr. Hubbell asked if arrangements could be made for interested Trustees to tour the Longmeadow Apartments after the November 13 meeting.  Dr. Rockhold will try to make these arrangements.


ADJOURN:  Mr. Hadley moved and Mrs. Knight seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Mr. Griffith declared the meeting adjourned at 5:20.  The Ohio State Board of Trustees will meet again on November 13, 2008.



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Thomas E. Griffith, Chair                                           Jon E. Rockhold, Secretary

Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees                            Ohio State Lima Board of Trustees

October 9, 2008                                                          October 9, 2008



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