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We offer Ohio State Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for non-credit professional education and training programs offered by Ohio State departments and faculty members.

CEUs are based upon industry standards of one CEU per ten hours of class time, excluding meals and breaks. When offering CEUs via distance learning, methods for determining hours of class time include referencing the average number of hours spent completing a pilot program offering, the hours for a similar face-to-face training, or similar for-credit course activity hours.

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Cell Phone 101

Courtney Roeder
Student Retention Coordinator
Ohio State Lima

Description of workshop:
This workshop is an introduction using cell phones, either Apple or Android. The workshop will cover 4 topics of how to understand, use, and benefit from the functionalities of a cell phone. The workshop is a 4 part series covering 4 topics over 4 weeks.

Workshop Topics include:
  • Basic functionality of cell phones
  • Social media on cell phones
  • Taking and editing pictures on a cell phone
  • Applications of use on cell phones
Benefits of the workshop:
  • Become comfortable with use of cell phone
  • Understand the different ways to use a cell phone
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with friends and family on cell phones
  • Be confident with ways to utilize applications on a cell phone
  • Understand safety functionalities on a cell phone
  • Have fun playing with applications on a cell phone

Target Audience:
This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn the basics about cell phones. This workshop will specifically target senior citizens who did not grow up with cell phones and therefore may not have the understanding of cell phones and how to utilize them in their everyday lives.

Desired number of Participants: 11 participants in each session in the workshop series

Dates and times:
Mondays, Oct. 11, Oct. 18, Oct. 25, Nov. 1
9:30-10:30 a.m.

Location: Lima YMCA, 345 S. Elm Street, Lima, OH 45801

Participant cost:
$9 each session in the series – (Participants can take 1-4 sessions)

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