The Ohio State University at Lima

Academic Awards Celebration

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Hello graduates and academic award winners,

What a year it has been! You have worked hard in your classrooms and labs, reached out to each other and the community and made us so proud to call you Buckeyes.

While I wish that I was standing on a campus stage and personally congratulating you for your academic accomplishments, the last part of this year has placed each of us in new and uncharted territories. The time away from campus in no way diminishes your accomplishments. If anything, your individual and collective responses to these trying times highlights your courage and strength. Your willingness and discipline to put others ahead of yourselves is impressive and encouraging. What you have done is what it means to be a Buckeye! What you have accomplished will serve you well as you go forward.

I am so proud of all the things you have done and achieved to bring you to this point. We will all be watching and cheering as each of you goes into the world. I fully expect that you will do wonderful things, both large and small, for your families, your communities and each other.

Go Bucks!

Dr. Tim Rehner
Ohio State Lima Dean and Director

2020 Undergraduate Research Forum Participants

This year's Ohio State Lima Undergraduate Research Forum is going virtual for 2020. We invite you to explore what our students have been working on with topics including anxiety reduction, parental education, survival rates in birds, and more. The Undergraduate Research Forum is designed to encourage students to actively engage in research. Beyond the Lima campus forum, participation in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival, the University Libraries Research Prize, or publication in JUROS are all strongly encouraged, although faculty and students are welcome to pursue any appropriate forum for their discipline that will showcase undergraduate research.

Full abstracts and video presentations from some of the student researchers at The Ohio State University at Lima 2020 Undergraduate Research Forum are available online at

Honors Awards

The John T. Mount Award - Olivia Green

The John T. Mount Award is given each academic year to the most outstanding student from each regional campus who has attained senior status by the beginning of autumn semester and who started their Ohio State education on a regional campus. This award was named for John. T. Mount, a former Vice President for Regional Campuses and Dean of the University College. This award was created to honor both Dr. Mount, for his outstanding service to the regional campuses, and our most outstanding students. This year’s recipient is Olivia Green.

The John W. Hevener Award - Victoria Bradford

The John W. Hevener Award is given each academic year to the most outstanding student at Ohio State Lima who has attained senior status by the beginning of autumn semester and who also completed the majority of his or her coursework on the Lima Campus. This award was named for Dr. John W. Hevener, who taught History on this campus from 1974 to 1991. Dr. Hevener was awarded Emeritus Faculty status in June of 1991, and died on January 25, 1993. During Dr. Hevener’s tenure on our faculty, he served as a regular member of our faculty Honors Committee; so, it is appropriate that this honor bears his name. This award was created to honor both Dr. Hevener, for his outstanding service to the students of The Ohio State University at Lima, and also our most outstanding students. This year’s recipient is Victoria Bradford.

The Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award - Dalton Faulder

The Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award is an annual award given to the Ohio State Lima student who has demonstrated positive leadership and a vision for the future of the student body while enrolled on the Lima campus. The recipient will embody the land grant mission of Ohio State Lima, demonstrating a quest for a new knowledge combined with public service, one who can balance intellectual pursuits with extra-curricular activities and responsibilities. The award honors Dr. Violet I. Meek, retired dean and director of Ohio State Lima. This year’s recipient is Dalton Faulder.

Honors Tuition Scholarships - Kerri Ellerbrock, Cameron Brittain, Jessica Mangas, Jenna Fields, Danica Basinger

The Ohio State Lima Honors Program awards the Honors Tuition Scholarship to Honors students who demonstrate exceptional performance in at least two Honors courses during the current academic year, have maintained a high grade point average over all course work, participated in Honors Program events, and submitted an essay describing how the Honors Program has influenced his or her educational experience at Ohio State Lima. This year’s recipients are Kerri Ellerbrock, Cameron Brittain, Jessica Mangas, Jenna Fields, Danica Basinger.

Outstanding Student Departmental Awards

Associate of Arts

Kylie Alvarado
Timothy Alvarez
Nathaniel Bankston
Emily Blankemeyer
Taylor Bohman
Morgan Bracken
James Braun
Olivia Brown
Brayden Cox
Raven Cress
Callie Daniels
Holly Dellinger
Lauren DiLullo
Corey Diroll
Edrian Jay Edu
Robert Elder
Kristen Ellerbrock
Emma Fischer
Tyler Gates
Madeline Goecke
Kelsey Goodman
Trey Gossman
Jordan Grades
Mollie Grubbs
Alexandra Hall
Kirsten Hansen
Sydney Hartford
Ashley Heitkamp
Alicia Honigford
Sara Hoyt
Madison Hussey
Hailey Joseph
Ashley Keller
Sage Keller
Bailey Kill
Christian Kleman
Richard Lamb
Kennedy Leimann
Shelby McMaken
Brady Nolan
Chassidy Oatman
Sarah On
Na'Tyjia Petaway
Devin Pierce
Karley Rau
Jonathan Reeves
Alyssa Ridinger
Kelsey Risner
Maleehah Robertson
Andrew Ross
Trisha Sales
Haley Schroeder
Nicholas Siegrist
Shelby Smith
Sofia Snyder
Derrick Spitler
Steven Stalder
Katelyn Stock
Hannah Stoll
Dane Swartzentruber
Shannon Taylor
Ashli Thompson
Holly Weidman
Keara Westfall
Brianna Yonley
Jade Zeller

Bachelor of Arts

Christopher Adams, Psychology
Alyssa Brown, English
Alex Brunk, English
Michael Green, Psychology
Covee Haney, Psychology
Sydney Hartford, Theatre
John-Michael Haught, Theatre
Katelyn Marshall, English
Chelsey Noble, English
Emily Orwick, Psychology
Heather Pickrell, Psychology and English
Emily Preston, History
Joshua Sheppard, Psychology
Karsen Shrider, English
Kari Sites, Psychology
Sophie Starr, Psychology
Victoria Sullivan, English
Grant Weihrauch, Biology
Adam Wheelbarger, Theatre

Bachelor of Sciences

Kevin Barber, Business Management
Samantha Barton, Business Management
Megan Blankemeyer, Business Management
Jared Blymyer, Business Management
Taylor Bohman, Child and Youth Studies
Hayley Bradford, Early Childhood Education
Victoria Bradford, Psychology
Baylie Brock, Biology
Donald Brunson, Business Management
Morgan Brunswick, Middle Childhood Education
Katelyn Campbell, Early Childhood Education
Leah Cannon, Social Work
Kelsey Clark, Social Work
Ashley Cramer, Social Work
Rachel Crites, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Haley Crouse, Early Childhood Education
Micheala Curtis, Early Childhood Education
Jackson Dickman, Middle Childhood Education
Corey Diroll, Business Management
Claire Dues, Early Childhood Education
David Durnell, Business Management
Victoria Edelbrock, Business Management
Taylor Estrada-Guerrero, Early Childhood Education
Samantha Farler, Social Work
Morgan Felver, Early Childhood Education
Samantha Fielding, Early Childhood Education
Sean Flanagan, Middle Childhood Education
Erica Franck, Biology
Angela Friedrich, Child and Youth Studies
Jennifer Gerken, Social Work
Madeline Goecke, Early Childhood Education
Alexis Heitmeyer, Early Childhood Education
Britteny Hendrickson, Middle Childhood Education
Amanda Hill, Social Work
Alisha Holtzapple, Early Childhood Education
Hamzeh Jajeh, Biology
Mychaela Johnson, Early Childhood Education
Ashley Keller, Child and Youth Studies
Savannah Kern, Early Childhood Education
Jacob Kitzmiller, Middle Childhood Education
Renee Kraner, Social Work
Amy Laine, Child and Youth Studies
Richard Lamb, Business Management
Steven Langley, Social Work
Peyton Lauck, Social Work
Elizabeth Linet, Social Work
Aubrey Lyme, Early Childhood Education
Kelly McGinnis, Early Childhood Education
Rebecca Meyer, Health Sciences
Wahajuddin Mohammad, Biology
Colten Napier, Health Sciences
Samantha Newman, Zoology
Lauren Nolan, Middle Childhood Education
Robyn Oates, Early Childhood Education
Cayla-Nicole Ong, Early Childhood Education
Makenzie Poling, Early Childhood Education
Karley Rau, Early Childhood Education
Johnathon Redmon, Social Work
Josalyn Regedanz, Social Work
Ethan Rex, Early Childhood Education
Kenna Rice, Early Childhood Education
Jessica Rojas Gutierrez, Biology
Amy Schmitmeyer, Business Management
Amanda Shafer, Early Childhood Education
Jade Simmons, Early Childhood Education
Seth Stammen, Middle Childhood Education
Jade Stanley, Social Work
Jon Stocks, Middle Childhood Education
Kyley Stokes, Early Childhood Education
Abby Stoll, Social Work
Jessica Taylor, Early Childhood Education
Jazmine Thomas, Social Work
Alaina Utrup, Social Work
Kiana Vickery, Social Work
Nichole Watkins, Child and Youth Studies
Drew Wehrman, Early Childhood Education
Amanda Weller, Biology
Travis Wireman, Early Childhood Education