The Ohio State University at Lima

Athletics - Facilities

Facilities are located in Cook Hall across from the Athletic Office, Room 105. They include the gymnasium, weight room and men’s and women’s locker rooms. Facilities are open approximately 20 hours per week. Hours maybe subject to change during the quarter.

Gymnasium (The Hangar):
The Hangar in Cook Hall is a gymnasium open to all athletes, students, faculty, and staff. It is home to Barons Volleyball, Mens and Womens Basketball, and many Intramural activities as well. There are six glass backboards for general play with full court play allowed in one direction. The new bleachers seat nearly 500 people. Last year, new state of the art scoreboards were installed on each end of the court.

Open Gym:

The gymnasium is open approximately 40 hours per week. General open gym hours are 10am – 6pm Monday through Friday. The hours may vary during the semester. Information is available in Cook Hall Room 105 or by calling 567-242-7340.

All currently enrolled Ohio State Lima/Rhodes State students and Ohio State Lima/Rhodes State faculty and the staff are eligible to participate in open recreation activities. Everyone must have a valid I.D. card and must sign in at the monitor’s desk to use the facilities.

Open recreation includes, but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Stair-Stepping
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Whiffleball
  • Biking
  • Tumbling
  • Floor Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Aerobics

Activities are limited only by our resources and your imagination.

Weight Room:
Our weight room has a number of different machines and free weights including, a squat rack, a curl bar and bench press, an incline bench, dumbells, and a pulldown press. Our exercise machines are two fan bikes, a stair stepper, a butterfly press, and a leg flexron. The weight room is open to any student attending school or any faculty member. Our athletic staff is very knowledgeable about the equipment. If you need assistance, we can help. If you have any further questions about our weight room facilities, stop by the Athletic Department in Cook Hall Room 105 and we will be happy to assist you.

Locker Rooms:
Ohio State Lima offers locker rooms for both the men and women. The locker rooms can be used by anyone on campus. Each locker room has 72 lockers and a showering facility. Each locker room also has mirrors, a sink, and restroom facilities. You can use a locker year round free of charge if you are a student or faculty member. You should bring your own lock for security purposes, and you must register your locker number in the Athletic Department. The locker rooms are in the gymnasium in Cook Hall. For more information, stop by the Athletic Department in Cook 105.

Baseball Diamond:
The baseball diamond is located between Biddle Drive and Campus Drive. Use the gravel parking lot on Campus Drive for easy access to the diamond. There are bleachers and a wide open area for lawn chairs available for game viewing.