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College is a time of incredible learning and growth - not just in the classroom, but in life as well. We know you're very interested in your student's success at Ohio State Lima, and would like to keep an eye on deadlines and schedules...just to be sure! With that in mind, we've developed this website to provide you with basic information regarding what is happening on campus now and to keep you informed of important dates as they come up.

To pay your student’s tuition bill online:

NEW! Pay with credit card - Credit Card Facts - Credit Card FAQs


Students, if they choose to do so, will need to fill out a FERPA release by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Students and Guardians”
  3. Under “Privacy Act (FERPA)” click on “Login”
  4. Enter username and password and login
  5. Complete FERPA form and click on “Submit”
  6. Click on “Record Updated” and exit browser


Guardian Log In

Students may assign a separate username and password granting access to the online payment system and statement of account while keeping their OSU username and password private. Multiple logins may be assigned so that if the student has more than one individual or sponsor assisting with fee payment, each individual may have his/her own login to that student’s statement of account.

(Select QuikPay™, log in with OSU username and password, click on Manage Guardians, Click on Add Guardians, Create and enter username of individuals for whom you are establishing a Guardian Login, Create and enter password for Guardian Login and Confirm the password, click and save.)

Click here (


By using FAFSA4caster, you and your family will receive an early estimate of eligibility for federal student aid. To access the FAFSA4caster, click here (