The Ohio State University at Lima

CLIFFS Program


The goal of Ohio State Lima’s CLIFFS, College Level Intervention for Freshman Success, bridge program is to create a seamless process and transition for under-represented students from high school to Ohio State Lima. The program is designed for incoming freshmen who have successfully matriculated to Ohio State Lima and begins three weeks prior to the start of Autumn Semester. Admitted students will participate in academic courses as well as enrichment courses that provide a foundation to understand the demands and expectations of the University. Students will also participate in personal development, study skills and workshops designed to make them make the high school to college transition more successfully.


Admissions to the CLIFFS Bridge program is selective and will include 15-20 students each year. Students who are selected to the CLIFFS Bridge program must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Evidence of a need for additional academic support services
  • Evidence of a need for additional support services in the area of study skills and career development
  • Accepted into the DREAM program
  • Composite ACT score of 20 or below
  • Neither parent has enrolled or graduated from a post-secondary institution (first-generation)
  • Expressed a need to transition to the culture of Ohio State Lima
  • Recommended to participate in the CLIFFS Bridge program by an “authorized university official”
  • Self-selected to participate in the CLIFFS Bridge program

Only students admitted to Ohio State Lima are recruited and selected to participate in the CLIFFS Bridge program. Students admitted to the CLIFFS Bridge program must demonstrate a commitment to utilize the support services and resources provided to support their transition from high school to post-secondary education and the subsequent acclimation to Ohio State Lima.

Students who are ultimately selected to participate in the CLIFFS Bridge program represent a variety of academic preparedness/placement, cultural, ethnic and demographic backgrounds.

CLIFFS Summer Bridge Courses

CLIFFS Summer Bridge Seminar Course
The CLIFFS Seminar course is designed to assist student transition from high school to college. To that end, students are exposed to the many issues that affect student retention and therefore, students learn ways to become successful during the first year of college and thereafter. Hence, the core objective is accomplished by focusing on cognitive and non-cognitive issues as relates to student retention. Thus, the course begins with a general overview of college life and progresses to seminars on various aspects of the collegiate experience including, relationships, racism, safety, finances and social media.

CLIFFS Summer Bridge English Enrichment Course
The English Enrichment course is an integrated reading and writing workshop. During the three-week summer program student participants are introduced to basic college-style writing, research, critical thinking, self-expression through writing and classroom discussion and deliberation. In the English Enrichment course, the instructor discusses how developing an understanding of these reading and writing skills not only transfer to writing-related courses, but also how integrating these skills are essential for successfully completing all student coursework at the University.

CLIFFS Summer Bridge Math Tutoring Course
The Math Tutoring course emphasizes skills remediation, problem solving and the use of technology. Thus, students’ progress through a self-paced program by using a customized math program along with small group sessions that focuses on improving math skills through intensive tutoring. Thus, the activity-based session focuses on activities characterized by an emphasis on the use of technology and problem solving.

CLIFFS Summer Bridge Study Skills Seminar Course
The Study Skills Seminar course begins with a broad overview of a variety of study skills, practices and techniques based on research and best practices. The course then evolves to seminars on various facets of the collegiate experience including college classroom expectations, decision-making and goal-setting.

CLIFFS Summer Bridge Career Development Course
This course is designed to introduce students to critical thinking skills as they relate to their career and professional development. Thus, this course will expose the students to the importance of networking, internships, externships globalization and interpersonal relationships with diverse people.

CLIFFS Summer Bridge Healthy Lifestyles Course
The Healthy Lifestyles course exposes students to the health/wellness services available on and off campus and to relevant topics and ways to eliminate or reduce their health risks now as well as in the future.