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Engaging in university life

Student groups and organizations at Ohio State Lima are created by students for any educational purpose that supports the vision and goals of the campus and of the University. They add to your university experience by encouraging the development of interpersonal skills and the expansion of knowledge that will help you prepare to live in a multi-cultural society and to work in a global community. Joining the many opportunities for social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities, you will have fun and create pathways to personal growth and lasting friendships.

Student groups and organizations at Ohio State Lima are open to all eligible students on campus. Faculty, staff, alumni, and partners of students, faculty, staff, and alumni may join as associate members, provided associate members account for no more than 40% of the active membership.

Campus Student Organization Registration Applications

Art Club

Description: A painting club for all

Statement of purpose: To relieve stress and allow students to use their creative abilities.

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Jaya Casukhela

Advisor Email:

Asterism: Undergraduate Literary Journal

Description: International Literary Magazine

Statement of purpose: A magazine open to promoting the work of students worldwide.

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Kamal Kimball Email:

Bible Club

Description: Christian Organization
Types of Activities: Meetings and service projects
Statement of Purpose: The Bible Club is a faith-based club, organized by students to study the bible and explore God’s for our lives.
Advisor: Carmen Cupples

Biology/Zoology Club

Description: For those with an interest in the biological sciences

Types of Activities: Field trips, informational program, guest speaker, and community service.

Statement of purpose: To encourage the pursuit of a high quality fun biological academic program. To provide students with the opportunity, and enrich in biological academic interest.

Advisor: Robin Bagley

Black Student Union

Activities: This organization gathers and enriches cultural differences.

Statement of purpose: To foster a sense of community for all (minority) students.

Open To: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Temple Patton email: patton

Buckeyes and Bards

Description: Weekly meetings to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Statement of purpose: To teach anyone willing to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons, and to give any experienced players a community on campus.

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Scott Fisher

Advisor Email:

Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide at Lima

Description: Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide at Lima is an organization dedicated to talking about mental health and wellness.
Statement of Purpose: To prevent suicide and raise awareness for issues surrounding it.
Advisor: Britt Collier-Gibson


Description: BuckeyeThon works to achieve this mission through programs, which enhance the student experience; promote the value of philanthropy; establish a spirit of service; and cultivate relationships between students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Statement of purpose: to create awareness and raise funds for children with cancer.

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Pam Joseph

Advisor Email:

Business Club

Activities: Schedule speakers from community in businesses, sales, organize field trips and stay connect to the Fisher College of Business in Columbus.

Statement Purpose: The business club is for Ohio State students majoring or interested in internships, jobs, travel geared toward business

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Temple Patton email:

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Description: A committee of creative, enthusiastic students who develop, plan and coordinate events on campus.

Types of Activities: movie nights, murder mysteries, and Fall and Spring Fests

Advisor: Amy Livchak email:

Circle K

Description: Circle K is a service club that loves to help others! We are based on service and volunteering, but we also want to help students grow as leaders.
Statement of Purpose: To give back to the communities that have helped shape us through our academic careers.
Advisor: Pam Joseph

Education Club

Description: Ohio State education students

Types of Activities: Volunteer, meetings and community projects

Statement of purpose: Promoting education and new knowledge to students, staff and the community

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Dean Cristol and Young Ah Lee


Statement of Purpose: Help engineering students to practice their knowledge by creating projects and to benefit the university.

Open to: Ohio State and Rhodes State students

Advisor: Anthony Shoup

LGBT and Allies Club

Description: LGBT and Allies Club

Types of Activities: Education, support and awareness

Statement of purpose: To spread awareness and provide support for LBGT issues and students

Advisor: Zach Walton email:

Pokémon Go Club

Description: We are a group of Pokémon Go players on campus who meet to do raids, trades, and catch rare Pokémon.

Statement of purpose: To explore the world of Pokémon as a community.

Open to: Ohio State and Rhodes State Students

Advisor: Steve Borga

Advisor Email:

Pre-Professional Health Club

Description: This is a club for students who intend to pursue a health related career.

Statement of purpose: to facilitate the journey of reaching a health related career and make it an enjoyable journey.

Open to: Ohio State and Rhodes State Students

Advisor: Ryan Norris

Psych Club

Description: Research based

Types of Activities: fieldtrips, talks and other group experiences, Ohio State Lima's Project: Positivity

Statement of purpose: Psych Club offers opportunities to interact with faculty and students

Advisor: Joe Green email:
Advisor: Samantha Haudenschield email:

Social Work Service Club

Types of Activities: Volunteering and Awareness

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Carmen Cupples email:

Student Senate

Description: Student Senate

Statement of purpose: The mission of the Ohio State University Lima Student Senate is to represent the student perspective to University Admissions, as well as providing the tools and opportunities necessary for students to grow as leaders in the community

Open to: Ohio State Students

Advisor: Amy Livchak email:

Women's Empowerment Club

Statement of Purpose: to foster a comfortable environment that empowers all women

Types of Activities: informal gatherings, self defense training, and body image workshops

Open to: Ohio State and Rhodes State students