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Engaging in university life

Student groups and organizations at Ohio State Lima are created by students for any educational purpose that supports the vision and goals of the campus and of the University. They add to your university experience by encouraging the development of interpersonal skills and the expansion of knowledge that will help you prepare to live in a multi-cultural society and to work in a global community. Joining the many opportunities for social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities, you will have fun and create pathways to personal growth and lasting friendships.

Student groups and organizations at Ohio State Lima are open to all eligible students on campus. Faculty, staff, alumni, and partners of students, faculty, staff, and alumni may join as associate members, provided associate members account for no more than 40% of the active membership.

Campus Student Organization Registration Applications

Animal Welfare Club

Activities: This club supports the Welfare of animals in Allen County and nationally through fundraising and supports the local animal rescue organizations.

Statement of purpose: To promote activities which raise awareness and fund for animal projects.

Advisor: Maryanne Kromer email:

ASL Club

Description: Spread knowledge of deaf community and teach others about the diverse culture that exists everywhere.

Types of Activities: Meetings, social events and concerts

Open To: OSU Students

Advisor: Jodi Pierstorff email:

Asterism: Undergraduate Literary Journal

Description: International Literary Magazine

Statement of purpose: A magazine open to promoting the work of students worldwide.

Open to: OSU Students

Advisor: Erika Schnepp Email:

Bible Club

Description: Christian Organization

Types of Activities: Meetings and service projects

Statement Purpose: The Bible Club is a faith based club, organized by students to study the bible and explore God’s for our lives.

Advisor: Tony Swygart email

BIO Club

Description: For those with an interest in the biological sciences

Types of Activities: Field trips, informational program, guest speaker, and community service.

Statement of purpose: To encourage the pursuit of a high quality fun biological academic program. To provide students with the opportunity, and enrich in biological academic interest.

Advisor: Jacqueline Augustine email:

Black Student Union

Activities: This organization gathers and enriches cultural differences.

Statement of purpose: To foster a sense of community for all (minority) students.

Open To: OSU Students

Advisor: Temple Patton email: patton

Buckeye Scholars

Description: Students Club associated with the OSU Honors Program

Types of Activities: Please see the website

Statement of purpose: Under revision – please see website

Open to: OSU Students

Advisor: Margaret Young email:

Business Club

Activities: Schedule speakers from community in businesses, sales, organize fieldtrips and stay connect to the Fisher College of Business in Columbus.

Statement Purpose: The business club is for OSU students majoring or interested in internships, jobs, travel geared toward business

Open to: OSU Students

Advisor: Temple Patton email:

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Description: A committee of creative, enthusiastic students who develop, plan and coordinate events on campus.

Types of Activities: Planning events such as: movie nights, comedy, massage day, May week, blood drives

Advisor: Amy Livchak email:

Creative Writing Club

Description: Poetry, and creative writing

Types of Activities: Monthly open mic nights and volunteer at various agencies.Publish a journal two times a year.

Statement of purpose: Provide an opportunity to share the love of creative arts in a college setting

Advisor: Jacob King email:

Dance at Heart Club

Description: Stress reliever, be creative and help the community.

Statement of purpose: to allow students not only be exposed to dance, but also be involved in their community.

Open to: OSU and RSC Students

Advisor: Nesha Johnson email:

Education Club

Description: OSU education students

Types of Activities: Volunteer, meetings and community projects

Statement of purpose: Promoting education and new knowledge to students, staff and the community

Open to: OSU Students

Advisor: Britt Collier-Gibson email:

History Club

Description: Anyone interested in history

Types of Activities: Fieldtrips and movie nights

Statement of purpose: Promote a greater appreciation for history among the OSU student population and fosters careers of under graduate history majors and minors

Advisor: Blake Stanley email:

The LBGT Club & Allies(LGBTA)

Description: LBGT Club

Types of Activities: Education, support and awareness

Statement of purpose: To spread awareness and provide support for LBGT issues and students

Advisor: Nesha Johnson email:

Lima Campus Veterans Association

Description: A military veteran's group providing fellowship for like-minded individuals in order to create a network of successful students and alumni; to provide leadership and professional development

Open to: Anyone interested who is or has been in the military

Advisor: Shane McCrory email:

Nerf Club

Description: a club were we meet once a month to shoot each other with nerf pellets

Types of Activities: Nerf games

Statement of purpose: To be involved and relieve stress

Open to: OSU and RSC Students

Advisor: Imed Jmiai email:

Newman Student Outreach

Description: Christian Organization

Types of Activities: Meetings, weekend events, service projects/trips

Statement of purpose: Our purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to explore their faith in Jesus Christ. Students will experience trips, volunteer adventures, events and devotions.

Advisor: John Snyder email:

Non Traditional Club


Types of Activities:

Statement of purpose:

Open to:

Advisor: Temple Patton email:

Ohio State at Lima Student Senate

Description: Ohio State Lima Student Senate

Statement of purpose: The mission of the Ohio State University Lima Student Senate is to represent the student perspective to University Admissions, as well as providing the tools and opportunities necessary for students to grow as leaders in the community

Open to: OSU Students

Advisor: Shane McCrory email:

Open Source Club at Lima Campus, OSU

Statement of purpose: To raise awareness of, provide us of and contribute to open source solutions, in campus and community.

Kinds of activities: meeting, presentations and travel.

Advisor: Cosmin Roman email:

Psych Club

Description: Research based

Types of Activities: fieldtrips, talks and other group experiences, Ohio State Lima's Project: Positivity

Statement of purpose: Psych Club offers opportunities to interact with faculty and students

Advisor: Joe Green email:
Advisor: Samantha Haudenschield email:

Social Work Club

Types of Activities: Volunteering and Awareness

Open to: OSU Students

Advisor: Maryann Kromer email:

Student United Way

Description: Student Community Service Organization

Types of Activities: Please see the website

Statement of purpose: Provide community service to Allen County

Open to: OSU and RSC Students

Advisor: Courtney Gandy email: