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Nine Dimensions of Wellness

The Nine Dimensions of Wellness

The OSU Lima Student Wellness Center operates on a nine-dimensional model of wellness. We believe that to achieve overall wellness, a person must be well in all nine dimensions. Peer Coaches are trained in each dimension and can offer advice and resources if you’re struggling with a particular dimension.

What are the nine dimensions?lima/uploads/StudentActivities/nineDimensions.png

FINANCIAL - Manage resources to reach goals

PHYSICAL - Ample sleep, plenty of nutrition and exercise,

and avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol abuse

SPIRITUAL - Self-discovery for meaning, purpose, and direction

SOCIAL - Support network of friends and family, and engage in

relationships consistent with personal beliefs

CAREER - Professional engagement and work/life balance

INTELLECTUAL - Civic engagement, critical thinking, and expanded world-views

CREATIVE - Participate in the arts and culture for self-expression, stress relief, and skill-building

ENVIRONMENTAL - Protect and improve the environment

EMOTIONAL - Build resiliency, self-esteem, and personal responsibility

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