The Ohio State University at Lima

Vehicle Use Policy

  1. Vehicles are for official University business only.
  2. Only Ohio State faculty, staff, and students registered with the Ohio State Office of Transportation are permitted to drive University vehicles and must be over the age of 18. Registration must occur prior to driving vehicles. Registration forms are available in the Ohio State Lima Business Office (5-8212 or PS222).
  3. Drivers shall comply with all state and local traffic laws and are personally responsible for any traffic citations and/or parking violations.
  4. Drivers should complete the “Application for Leave” form. Indicate ‘University Business’ and obtain appropriate signatures. Form should be turned into the Lima Human Resources office before the scheduled trip.
  5. Only Ohio State faculty, staff, and students shall ride in the University vehicles. (All non-Ohio State passengers require the written authorization of the Dean and Director.)
  6. The scheduling, signing in/out, and the issuing/returning of keys and gas card are done with the Business Office during normal work hours. Reservations will be locked in within 7 days of the scheduled trip, so please plan ahead for trips.
  7. A “Vehicle Request form” will be distributed when the vehicle is signed out and is required to be returned when the vehicle is brought back to campus.
  8. No smoking is permitted in the vehicles under any circumstances.
  9. Use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited.
  10. As a courtesy to other users, vehicles should be returned within the reserved time, and should be cleaned of any “use cause” litter.
  11. You are responsible for filling the gas tank before returning to campus whenever the tank registers 1/2 full or less. For travelers to Columbus, it is recommended that you take advantage of the gas pumps at the Service Annex (2500 Kenny Road, map in glove box of car) and fill up the car before returning to Lima. There is a fuel card in the car for these pumps. This gas is traditionally 10-20% less expensive than at service stations, and the billing is all done internally.
  12. The University provides liability and property damage insurance for its authorized drivers and vehicles (with a $10,000 deductible per occurrence, paid by Ohio State Lima). The University covers no medical expenses of university employees or passengers. Coverage shall be provided only by applicable Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, University staff medical or personal insurance. When a University vehicle has damage to or is involved in an accident, an accident report must be filed.
  13. Priority use of campus vehicles is as follows:
    • Distance traveled, regardless of user type
    • Number of people traveling
    • Ohio State Lima recruiters (Admissions)
    • Ohio State Lima travel on University business
    • Ohio State Lima class trips
    • Miscellaneous campus support (faculty/staff visits in community, supply errands)
    • Faculty and staff conference travel (must be pre-approved by Dean).
    • Ohio State Lima student activities/athletic support

Failure to adhere to this policy may result in loss of privilege to use campus vehicles

I have read and agree to the conditions listed above.

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