The Ohio State University at Lima

Notices and Crime Statistics

Notice to Campus Community

On July 1, 1997, a new law went into effect concerning Sex Offender Registration and Notification. Under that law, convicted sex offenders must register for a period of time with their local county sheriffs. Sex offenders are classified as 1) sexually oriented offenders, 2) habitual sex offenders, and 3) sexual predators. The local sheriff’s office is required to notify various entities at Ohio State Lima when a sexual predator or a habitual sex offender, who the court determines is subject to community notification, moves into a specific geographical location. The Ohio State Police Office (Galvin 134) and Campus Security (Tech Lab 140) maintain a binder of currently registered sex offenders living in the immediate area. You can contact the Allen County Sheriff’s office directly at (419) 227-3535.

Crime Statistics