The Ohio State University at Lima

Tips and Resources

Safety Tips

Protect yourself when walking

  • Avoid walking alone at night unless absolutely necessary
  • Make use of the Student Escort Service when walking on campus after dark
  • Call 911 to report suspicious persons or activity in or around your neighborhood
  • Avoid shortcuts and dark, isolated areas
  • Walk purposefully, know where you are going and project a no-nonsense image
  • Avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • If you feel threatened, cross the street, locate an emergency phone or enter a store or place of business even if you have just left it
  • Have your door keys ready. Carry them in your pockets, not buried in your purse
  • If you carry pepper spray, be familiar with how it works and have it available in case you need it
  • Scan the area and interior when approaching your car

Protect your property

  • Don’t leave valuables and electronics in view in your car
  • Keep your vehicle locked
  • Don’t leave purses and electronics unattended in campus common areas
  • Don’t carry large sums of cash
  • Document serial numbers of electronics

Important phone numbers

  • Student Escort Service, a vehicle jump start or lock out: 419-995-8499 or 567-242-7400
  • Found property: 419-995-8499
  • Emergency: 9-1-1 or 9-9-1-1- from a campus landline
  • Ohio State Police: 567-242-7400
  • Campus Security: 419-995-8499
  • Allen Co. Sheriff: 419-227-3535
  • Bath Fire/EMS: 419-221-1221
  • Ohio Highway Patrol: 419-228-7072
  • To get an Ohio State Lima parking permit, go to the Admissions Office in the Student Services Center.

Useful Links

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