The Ohio State University at Lima

Speaker's Bureau



Ed Valentine
A Career as a Professional Fine Artist



Ryan Norris
Assistant Professor
Investigating a Biodiversity Hot-spot: The Unique Small Mammals of West Africa
Bats of Ohio
Small Mammals of Ohio
How We Use DNA to Read the Past
What We Don't Know About How the Extinction of Non-bird Dinosaurs Led to the Rise of Mammals

 Career Services


Rachel Richardson
Career Services Coordinator
Choosing a Career/Major
Resume & Cover Letter Writing
Job/Internship Search Guidance
Interviewing Skills
Job Shadowing/Internships

 Earth Sciences


Mark Kleffner
Which Dinosaur Forgot To Wipe Its Feet? (K-6th grade)
Dinosaur Derby: How Fast Were the Dinosaurs? (5th grade-adults)
Breaking the Scales? Weighing Dinosaurs (5th grade-adults)
Jurassic Park: Science or Science Fiction? (K-adults)
How We Know What We Know About Dinosaurs (K-adults)
Geology of ____ County; any county in our service area (5th grade-adults)
Ohio Life 450 Million Years Ago (K-adults)
Minerals Important in Our Daily Lives (K-adults)
Rocks Important in Our Daily Lives (K-adults)
Ohio Earthquakes (3rd grade-adults)
Caverns & Sinkholes in Ohio (3rd grade-adults)
How to Identify Rocks (3rd grade-adults)
How to Identify Minerals (3rd grade-adults)
Cub Scouts - Geology Belt Loop & Academic Pin
Girl Scouts - Digging the Past Patch
State Fossils, Minerals, Gems & Rocks (5th grade-adults)
Volcanoes & Their Products (K-adults)



Brittany Collier-Gibson
The Changing Face of Student Teaching
University-School Partnerships in Teacher Education
Child Development and the Theorists Behind the Ideas

Dean Cristol
Associate Professor
Using Free Tools Promote Teacher Efficacy with Mobile-Learning
Mobile Learning in Teacher Preparation and P-12 U.S. Schools
Educators Getting Comfortable with Education Technology
Interactive Geography Learning
Creating Online Lessons for P-12 Students
Technology Access for All Students

Leah Herner-Patnode
Associate Professor
Students with Special Needs in Gen Ed Classroom Settings: Myths & Realities
Teaching as a Profession (any age)
Teacher Study Groups: A Different Way to Approach Professional Development



David Adams
Associate Professor
Metaphor (K-12)

John Hellmann
The Making of JFK
The Vietnam War Films



Tina Schneider
Professor/Director - Lima Campus Library
Bind Us Together: Collections of Congregational Song Made Known
Ohio State Lima Campus History



Margaret Young
Associate Professor/Honors Director
History of the Piano
Western Classical Music
Musical Theatre
Sight Reading
Careers in Music
Music in America

 Political Science


William Angel
Associate Professor Emeritus
Electoral Politics
Ohio Political History
American Political Parties



Joseph Green
Hypnosis/Mind Body Connections
Smoking Cessation (or Other Attempts at Habit Control)
General Topics in Clinical Psychology
Memory (Hypnotically Enhanced, General Types of Memory, Problems, Mnemonics)

Samantha Haudenschield
Senior Lecturer/Coordinator –
Lima Counseling & Consultation Services
Stress & Your Health: The Impact of Psychological States on Physical Health
Health Psychology: The Mind-Body Connection
Identifying Risk Factors/Warning Signs for Depression, Anxiety & Suicide
Coping Skills for Every Area of Your Life
Coping with Chronic Pain
Caring for an Aging Parent
Academic Success for the Returning Adult (Non-traditional) Student
The Science of Being Happy: What the Research Tells Us & How to Make it Work
Current Treatments for Mood & Anxiety Disorders
Relaxation, Meditation, & Mindfulness in Practice

Virginia Tompkins
Associate Professor
Positive Parenting: How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Fighting
The Whole Food Child: Tips for Getting Your Child to Eat
Promoting Children's Comprehension Before They Learn to Read
Screens and Young Children's Cognitive Development: What Are They Not Learning?



Maria Ignatieva
Contemporary Russian Culture (including Education, Film, Literature, and Theatre)

Dan Matthews
Associate Professor
The Elements & Principles of Design (High School)
Scenic Carpentry: Fake it to Make it
Panel Discussion with a Creative Team from Lima Production