The Ohio State University at Lima

Committee Descriptions

Library Committee

The Library Committee is an advisory committee that is intended to address the library-related needs of the Lima Campus community. This committee discusses any questions the Lima Campus community might have about The Ohio State University Libraries or OhioLINK with the library director and reference librarian.

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

The PDC is charged with four standing duties:

1. Issue a call for proposals for Special Assignment early in the Autumn Semester. Committee members review and rank proposals; recommendations are then submitted to the Dean and Associate Dean. Proposals are due by 1 November and the PDC recommendations to the Dean by 1 December.

2. Issue a call for applications for FPLs (Faculty Professional Leave) at the same time as Special Assignments. FPLs are handled in a similar manner but dates must be coordinated with deadlines for grants and the Fulbright program.

3. Issue a call for proposals for Research and Special Projects Grants late in the Autumn Semester. Committee members review and rank proposals; and submit recommendations the Dean and Associate Dean. Proposals are due early in the Spring Semester (typically mid- to late January), and the PDC recommendations to the Dean by 15 February.

4. Issue a call for nominations for the Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award early in the Spring Semester. Proposals are due by 1 March and the PDC recommendations to the Dean by 15 March.

For all of the above duties, the chair of the PDC issues the call, coordinates review of the proposals by the members of the committee, and both drafts and submits the statement of recommendations to the Dean.

Faculty Welfare Committee. Responsibilities of the Faculty Welfare Committee include:
1. 2. 3. Secure nominations for open committees and count votes at the FA "election" meeting. Conduct special elections (nominations and voting tabulation) via email.
4 Assign untenured faculty members to tenured faculty members of the Faculty Welfare Committee to serve as their mentors and find tenured faculty members not on the Faculty Welfare Committee to serve as mentors for untenured faculty members.

Teaching Effectiveness Committee

  • Arrange peer-reviews, training, and other services that promote quality teaching for all faculty
  • Work with other OSU units that support and promote excellence in teaching
  • Provide a representative to the annual campus Teaching Excellence Award Selection Committee.

Undergraduate Research Mentorship Committee:

The goal of this committee and the attendant reward system is to encourage faculty to actively engage students in research, and to encourage and reward students for engaging in such activities. This opportunity should increase the number of undergraduate students participating in conferences or other scholarly venues to share high quality undergraduate research projects.


The URMC organizes The Ohio State Lima Undergraduate Research ForumParticipation in the Lima Research Forum is required for award eligibility (see list of awards below). Participation in other forums is encouraged as well; the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, the Universities Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize or publication in JUROS are examples of appropriate venues
Awards available for faculty:

  • Annual Student Mentorship Award
  • Faculty Award for Student Mentorship Awards Available for Students:
  • Student Research Scholarship Award -.
  • Research funding

The URMC committee maintains a webpage with detailed information about each award, the application forms and deadlines ( The committee reviews the applications and decides which awards to grant. Additionally, the committee meets to review and revise the format of the Lima Research Forum and the associated reward system.
Honors Committee
Duties of Honors committee members:
1) Attend Honors Committee Meetings
2) Assist with planning, managing and participating in Honors events
(e.g., Honors Social (autumn and spring), Honors Book Seminars, Honors Colloquium Speaker, Honors field Trips)
3) Assist with selection of students for awards (e.g., Honors tuition Awards, Mount Award, Hevener Award)
4) Assist with Buckeye Scholars club
5) Assist with getting and distributing information on Pressey Grants and other opportunities.
6) Assist in recruiting and with Summer Orientation Sessions

Budget and Space Committee.
The Budget and Space Committee advises the Dean and Director in the allocation of resources in the annual budget, informs faculty about the budget, and communicates faculty input on the budget and space issues such as building projects and renovations to the Dean and Director.

Academic Planning Committee
The Academic Planning Committee advises the Dean and Director or designee concerning course offerings, and develops recommendations for long-range curricular and faculty staffing plans.
The Committee offers recommendations to the Dean as to whether or not positions that become vacant, either temporarily or permanently, should be filled, and how. Normally, such recommendations apply to positions that are not managed by departmental coordinators on an ad hoc seasonal basis.
The Committee also reviews the curriculum to make sure that the course offerings at Lima are responsive to the broadest possible array of needs expressed by existing and potential future students.
The Committee monitors degree programs to make sure they are fulfilling their original rationales and makes suggestions as to how they might be improved, if necessary.
The Committee responds to proposals of curricular changes or special academic offerings and makes recommendations regarding their implementation.

Administrator Review Committee
Evaluations of the Dean and Associate Dean shall occur at least once every five years, but not in the same year, with no evaluation coming before the second year of a new incumbent. The Faculty Assembly has the option of requesting a review by the committee of the Dean or Associate Dean each year, but must do so before the end of Autumn Semester. The procedures to follow for the review, including the questions that will comprise the survey, will be developed by an ad hoc committee chaired by Leah Herner-Patnode and appointed by the President of Faculty Assembly during the 2014-2015 academic year.