The Ohio State University at Lima

Lima Staff Advisory Council: Bylaws

Bylaws of the Ohio State Lima Staff Advisory Council

Adopted 2016/2




The name of the Council shall be the Ohio State Lima Staff Advisory Council (LSAC).



The Mission of the Ohio State Lima Staff Advisory Council will be to maintain an active and participatory line of communication with the Ohio State Lima community and to provide a forum through which Ohio State Lima staff can raise, discuss, and make recommendations on non-academic issues and activities.



The goals of the Ohio State Lima Staff Advisory Council are to:

-- Increase the efficiency and scope of communication at Ohio State Lima by:

a. serving as a liaison between staff members and the Dean;

b. broadening university-wide communication through its relationship with the University Staff Advisory Committee.

-- Promote a sense of community at Ohio State Lima through public relations, communication, and activities involving the staff.

-- Promote the continuing development of the staff by:

a. promoting professional development education opportunities and resources;

b. advising the Dean concerning staff interests, needs and opportunities to incorporate those into the continuing growth and improvement of Ohio State Lima;

c. providing for recognition of staff members who exemplify the traditions and aims of Ohio State Lima. \



The membership of the Council shall be limited to five members appointed by the Dean. The Dean will appoint ex-officio members at his/her discretion.


-- The membership of the Council shall be selected from Ohio State Lima employees from the following classifications: civil service (CCS) and unclassified administrative and professional (UAP). The Council shall make a good faith effort to achieve a diverse membership maintaining a balance from each classification.

-- The appointed ex-officio members of the Council shall be from offices determined by the Dean.

Terms of Service

-- A full term is three years beginning July 1. In no event shall any member serve longer than three consecutive years, including the balance of any unexpired term initially assumed. There shall be a minimum twelve-month waiting period before any member who has served a full term can be eligible for reappointment to the Council.

-- The term of service for the Council officers (Chair and Recorder) will be one year.

-- Terms of service will be staggered so that no more than two council members will be replaced per year.


-- Any Ohio State Lima staff member with one year of regular staff (CCS, A&P) service at Ohio State Lima is eligible for membership.


-- Any member wishing to resign from the Council shall submit his/her resignation in writing to the Dean and the Council chair.


-- A member of the Council may be removed from membership for any of the following:

a. non-attendance at Council meetings;

b. non-participation on Council assignments; and/or

c. other causes as determined by the Council whenever in its judgment, the best interests of Ohio State Lima would be served.

Filling of Vacancies

-- The Council will make recommendations to the Dean who will make the final decision.



The Council shall review all applicants. For each Council member opening, the Council shall appoint one nominee.



The Officers of the Council shall be a Chair and a Recorder. The Chair will be selected by the Council members and the Recorder by the Chair of the Council.



Duties of the Chair

-- The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Ohio State Lima Staff Advisory Council.

-- The Chair will be the spokesperson for the Council in any official matters.

-- The Chair, in conjunction with the Recorder, is responsible for maintaining the Council budget.

Duties of the Recorder

-- The Recorder will be responsible for preparing and distributing the agenda for all full Council regular or special meetings.

-- The Recorder will be responsible for recording the minutes of all regular and special full Council meetings and submitting them for approval at the next full Council meeting.

-- The Recorder will distribute to each new Council member a copy of the Bylaws and other relevant materials.

-- The Recorder will be responsible for any other tasks or duties as assigned by the Chair.

-- The Recorder will be responsible for maintaining LSAC archives.



Regular meetings of the Council will be held once a semester (October, January, April, July) or as needed.

The Council Chair is authorized to call special meetings. The purpose of the meeting will be stated in the call.

A quorum shall consist of the Chair and a simple majority of the entire membership.

Meetings will be run informally.



Bylaws may be amended at a regular council meeting by a two-thirds majority vote.