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Sesquicentennial Scholar De Monte Lindsey

Ohio State is celebrating its first 150 years of excellence in education, research, innovation and community engagement by reflecting on its remarkable past and preparing for its bold future. In honor of the sesquicentennial, Ohio State chose 150 students to participate in the Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program. Five of the scholars attend The Ohio State University at Lima. As Ohio State's 150th anniversary kicks into high gear, look for sesquicentennial scholar spotlights each month.

image of De Monte Lindsey

Sesquicentennial Scholar De Monte Lindsey is building a better life for himself using the bricks forged for him and other Ohio students by the land-grant mission of The Ohio State University.

Lindsey is a first-generation student who spent much of his childhood living in poverty on the south side of Chicago being raised by a single mom ill-equipped for the role. He has chosen education as a way out and up.

“For individuals like myself who have been raised on a foundation of little opportunity it is very gratifying to be part of an institution aiming to grant access and affordability for its students,” Lindsey said. “A land-grant university is inherently critical for the citizens of the state of Ohio across all backgrounds. As a student attending a regional campus, I can declare that the affordability and access to faculty, staff and peers is breathtaking.”

Lindsey’s teachers in his Sandusky high school encouraged him to give Ohio State Lima a try. He is not looking back. Ohio State Lima has offered the strong community and support Lindsey needed as he decides who he will be and how he will get there.

“Beginning my education at a regional campus has absolutely enhanced and enriched my academic career. Now I recognize that I can succeed and be confident in who I am becoming because of the connections I’ve made with faculty and peers,” he said. “There is a wide layer of opportunity to create and enhance the academic and personal experience on the Lima campus.”

Already a self-published author, Lindsey continues to work on growing himself as a person even as he works toward a degree in social work. He is the president of the Black Student Union and the student representative to the diversity committee at Ohio State Lima. He is also a mentor in the Each One Teaches One peer-mentor program.

“An education from Ohio State will elevate and impact the trajectory of my entire life,” he said. “This is only a beginning chapter of growth and empowerment for my current state of being.”

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De Monte Lindsey is a sophomore from Sandusky majoring in social work.