The Ohio State University at Lima

Sesquicentennial Spotlight at Ohio State Lima

The Ohio State University is celebrating its first 150 years of excellence in education, research, innovation and community engagement by reflecting on its remarkable past and preparing for its bold future.

In honor of the 150th anniversary, the sesquicentennial scholars from Ohio State Lima would like to celebrate what was, what is and what will always be The Ohio State University by sharing our stories. During this monumental year, they are putting a special focus on some of the students, alumni, faculty and staff that have, continue to and will make Ohio State Lima such a great place to be. New stories will be added each week throughout the sesquicentennial celebration.

image of sesquicentennial spotlight graphic

Amari Russell is a junior majoring in the health sciences from Lima. She is the president of the Circle K Club and active throughout campus.. Read more.

Margie Anich is a lecturer in the Department of Theatre at The Ohio State University at Lima and an advocate for the arts in the community. Read more.

image of Margie Anich at a Spring Awakening read

image of Sabine Jeschonnek in the physics lab

Sabine Jeschonnek is a professor of physics at The Ohio State University at Lima. She has earned several National Science Foundation grants for her research. Read more.

Baylie Brock is a senior at The Ohio State University at Lima majoring in biology. She is helping to build a vibrant experience for her fellow students. Read more.

image of Baylie Brock on campus

image of Rou Rasekhy and the psych department

Rou Rasekhy was the first student to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ohio State Lima as well as the founder of the Psychology Club. Read more.

Kamesh Casukhela is a senior lecturer in mathematics at The Ohio State University at Lima. Early on he learned the omnipotent power of mathematics and brings that excitement to his classroom to help his students become life-learners. Read more.

image of Kamesh Casukhela

image of Temple Patton in Ohio Stadium

Temple Patton is an associate director of diversity and inclusion at The Ohio State University at Lima, where she also serves as the program coordinator in regional business management. Her relationship with Ohio State began when she enrolled as a first generation, non-traditional student. Since then, she has built on every opportunity to give back to the Lima community. Read more.

Jayden Black is a sophomore from Willshire majoring in sustainable plant systems with a specialization in horticulture and a minor in business. Read more.

image of Jayden Black in the Webb

image of Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer earned her bachelor's degree at Ohio State Lima before embarking on a teaching career and later earning a master's degree. Today, she is an academic advisor and the coordinator of disability services at Ohio State Lima. Read more.

Emily Preston is Ohio State Lima's student senate president. Her undergraduate research brought a much-loved hymnal out of the archives and into the light. Read more.

image of Emily Preston and hymnal

image of Ryan Schmiesing

Ryan Schmiesing is the vice provost for outreach and engagement at The Ohio State University. He started his educational journey at Ohio State Lima. Read more.