The Ohio State University at Lima

Galvin Hall Transformation Project

Become a Champion for Ohio State Lima students with a transformative vision

At Ohio State Lima, we believe in the power of people and their potential. For more than 50 years, students have come to our campus to go further and accomplish more. Each of those students – who are now improving the lives of others in their communities – got their start in Galvin Hall. Today, a group of current students has a vision to transform Galvin Hall’s lower level into a modern learning and collaborative environment – a Destination Space – while honoring its history and celebrating its role as the heart of campus.

Grounded in Galvin: The Time is Now

Through Time and Change, you can become a champion for Ohio State Lima’s students who understand the value of human interaction during a time when it is limited. Who see the potential in what could be overlooked by others. And who want to use their voices to create lasting change in a space that has given them more than they could imagine.

A group of passionate Ohio State Lima students formed the Basement Club in 2019 with the goal of drawing their fellow students into a place the group already knew and loved. They wanted it to trumpet its Ohio State origins and give students a place to meet, play, study and chill out. What started as a simple painting project garnered the attention of administrators and donors who believed in their vision and moved plans forward for an even larger project to revitalize Galvin Hall’s lower level through enhanced multi-use student-centered spaces. While this Destination Space project has gained momentum in a time when uncertainty is the standard, one thing is certain: improving a space that aids in a student’s well-being will always improve their experiences and outcomes.

Now more than ever, our students recognize the need to be together, even as they’re apart. This transformed space will provide the flexibility to address student needs now and in the future. Through Time and Change, you can invest in their extraordinary potential in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

Join us on this endeavor as we transform Galvin Hall’s lower level into a modern learning and collaborative environment while by supporting the Galvin Hall Fund. To learn more about how to donate or get involved, contact Lesley Fry at or 567-242-7373.

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