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Zane Urquhart

Hometown: Cardington, Ohio
Major: Middle Childhood Education
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: Hello to all at our great campus! My name is Zane Urquhart and I am studying to be a 4th-8th grade educator in Social Studies and Language Arts at The Ohio State University at Marion. I grew up in Cardington, in Morrow County, which is the next county east of us. While this may suggest that I haven’t really left the region, I have rapped in Compton, became a two-time finalist in R&B for the largest music industry publishing company at ASCAP’s "I am music" expo in 2013-2014, and opened up for such prominent Hip-Hop groups like Dru Hill. After 3 years pursuing my passion and finally ending my last performance in Long Beach opening for Sisqo, I came back home to find out what I was going to do with my life after performing. To be completely honest, I really didn’t have any identity other than a musician. I pursued nursing, the military, and even becoming a state trooper, but nothing seemed to replace the hole in my heart that was left from not, "making it" in the music industry. The summer of 2015 at the Marion campus with our Professor Patty Muir reshaped my future, my self-confidence, and led me to a new calling I never thought would complete me again. The passion that I saw in Patty for struggling children and the cycle of poverty that plagued our region clicked like one of those stereotypical light bulbs over my head. I could give my love and energy to the place that helped shape me from a very young age and help our community in the most direct way: planting the seed of hope in our children’s future. I have been blessed with so many opportunities through our campus due to the tight knit community our education program has with Marion City Schools. Cheryl Slack, another stellar professor, suggested I apply for an after school program at Taft Elementary to work with at risk youth in math and literacy. Somehow I managed to land a support staff position for the 2015-2016 year, and these kids made me find my purpose in this world as a teacher, educator, drill sergeant at some times, and a friend. That year working and making relationships with these wonderful kids and teachers solidified my purpose in life and what I was capable of again. With all these wonderful adventures at Taft, I am proud to accept a position at Taft and Hayes Elementary schools as their community family outreach coordinator. Without our staff, our one-on-one education system, and the strong connections a university and community can cultivate, I would still be a lost soul. The Ohio State University at Marion figuratively saved my life. While I might not be the class president or work in student affairs, our campus, community, and staff have made me feel like a king again. I would be honored to become yours and GO BUCKS!

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