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Court Member Detail

Abdulaziz Hamid

Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
Major: Biology
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Hi, Ohio State Marion students! My name is Abdulaziz Hamid, but most people just call me Aziz. I am honored to be nominated for the 2016 Marion Campus Homecoming Court along with five of my amazing peers. I was born in Kenya, but moved to Boston, Massachusetts, when I was a small child. I moved to Hilliard, Ohio, and I have lived here for 10 years so far. Go Bucks! I have a big family. I have four brothers and one sister. I am the middle child. English is my 3rd language out of the four languages I know. I speak Chimwiini (a dialect of Swahili), Somali, English and have a working knowledge of Spanish. I am a junior in Biology here at The Ohio State University at Marion. After I graduate I would like to attend medical school. You are probably thinking I am another person just trying to earn a lot of money and live a lavish life. No! I am not. I could care less about the status and money of becoming a physician. I have a deep passion for medicine. I would like to become a physician and help with the health issues in Kenya and around the world. I truly believe that everyone deserves the right to good health. Often times there many inequities among groups based on money, resources, and location. My purpose in life is to use my skills and knowledge to try to help humanity. I feel that I am a good representative of the campus. Not only do I excel in my academic career, I am involved in the campus. I am the president of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) here at Marion. Our goal is to bring together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures under one unified, organized, proactive club; to spread Islam awareness across campus; and to engage in community service. I am the secretary of the Biology and Chemistry Club and a member of the Men of African Descent Club. I was a part of the international festival here at Marion last year. I am also involved in my hometown of Hilliard. I am a tutor at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Hilliard. I assist students with assignments. I help students develop good study strategies and techniques. I help promote independent learning. I am also a Children’s Clubhouse volunteer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I assist in providing safe and appropriate supportive activities for pre-school and school-age siblings of children receiving care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I currently have two jobs and balance them with my rigorous course schedule. I work at KFC and at Riverside Methodist Hospital. As you can see, I am a busy and proactive student. Thank you for your time, and I would appreciate your votes for Homecoming King. Go Bucks!

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