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Mackenzie Reinhart

Hometown: New Riegel, Ohio
Major: Social Work
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: Hello, my name is Mackenzie Reinhart! I am a sophomore here at The Ohio State University at Marion. I chose this school for the small class sizes. Our small class sizes allow for personal connection between students and staff that far surpasses many other universities. Our small campus allows us to get to know those around us. Here we are not just a number. Coming from a really small town, it was important to me to go to a school where I could make a difference and make my mark on the world. I graduated in 2015 from New Riegel High School with 28 other students! Instead of commuting I live at the Annex of Marion. It has been a great way to meet new people and has led to many great friendships! It has also made it easier to become involved on campus. I am currently the president of Active Minds. As a social work major, it is very important to me to promote mental health. Our group strives to reduce stigmas about mental health among college students! In my spare time, I have been a part of Five Nights on Campus by being in the Fall musical production A Day in Hollywood, A Night in The Ukraine, and plan to be a part of future musical productions in the next few years! To relax, I enjoy baking a variety of sweets, drawing, painting, and playing the piano. When I have the time, I love to go play the piano in nursing homes near my hometown. Ohio State Marion has become my home away from home. I have fallen in love with our school and this city. The friends, connections, and memories I have made are ones I will never forget! I want to continue to become more involved in student life here to give back to the school, city, and people that have given me so much! I am proud to say I attend The Ohio State University at Marion. Thank you so much for your consideration! Go Bucks!

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