The Ohio State University at Lima

Alumni spotlight: Elisha Jones

August 30, 2022

Ohio State Lima alumni Dr. Elisha Jones checks in during National Holistic Medicine Month. Dr. Jones earned his associate of arts degree from The Ohio State University in 2016 before going on to earn his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University. He now practices with his father and wife in Elida and focuses on building a better quality of life for his patients through chiropractic care, clinical nutrition and hormonal balance. He talks about his Buckeye experience and beyond below.

Tell us about what you do.

I am a chiropractor in Elida, Ohio. I have been in practice for a little over a year and a half. I specialize in neurology and functional medicine. My mission is to help people reach their optimal health to live their fullest life.

How did you choose your specialties?

I have always been interested in the body and how it works. I enjoyed puzzles and strategy games as a kid, so I enjoy a challenge and working with the body and brain is the most challenging puzzle in the world.

Why did you choose to come home and practice here?

I feel strongly about giving back. I grew up and graduated high school from Columbus Grove and went to undergrad at OSU Lima, so I wanted to come back and serve the communities that helped me become who I am.

Why did you choose Ohio State Lima to springboard on to chiropractic school?

Ohio State Lima gave me an opportunity to go to an elite university for an affordable price. I knew going to get my doctorate was not going to be cheap so I was looking for a school that had a great reputation to get into chiropractic school but also a place I did not have to take out major loans to get my degree.

What experiences at Ohio State Lima propelled you forward?

The people and connections I made at Ohio State Lima helped me in countless ways. I was a university ambassador, chemistry lab assistant, and junior admission counselor during my time at Ohio State Lima. Each of those jobs taught me attributes that helped me get through my doctorate and continue to help me daily in my practice.

Why was being a Buckeye important to you?

Ohio State is a worldwide community and I wanted to be a part of that experience. I’ll never forget wearing a Buckeye shirt to a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia (where I was for chiropractic school) during football season and someone yelled “O-H” in the checkout line behind me. The woman a couple customers behind me was decked out in Ohio State gear and we were able to talk after we checked out about our Ohio State memories and stories. That interaction made me feel like I was in Ohio even though I was hundreds of miles away.

What do you hope the future brings to you?

I hope to mentor many students from the area that are interested in the field of chiropractic. Most importantly I hope to help countless patients to live to their fullest potential.

Any advice for future or current Buckeyes?

Participate and utilize the resources the university provides. College is the place to explore your interests and make life long friends, and Ohio State is one of the largest universities in the world. It has countless opportunities for you. The only thing that will hold you back is YOU.