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At Ohio State Lima, you’ll discover world-class teachers passionate about connecting their knowledge and expertise to other disciplines as they discover new ways to see the world. The faculty at The Ohio State University aren't just talented, engaged teachers in the classroom, they are also world class researchers, artists and practitioners in their fields.

The quality of research is truly what sets us apart - Ohio State Lima attracts talented scholars and top students. With faculty at the forefront of their discipline, their research helps shape the understanding of an enormous range of academic fields across 200+ majors at Ohio State. Faculty on the Lima campus have contributed in areas of study across every discipline including mathematical sciences to psychology, from philosophy to neural science, from artificial intelligence to sociology, theatre and more. The depth and breadth of scholarship work at Ohio State Lima is truly unique: exploring theoretical nuclear physics such as the electron and neutrino scattering from light nuclei, history of the African American athlete, and Reexamination of coal ball fossils housed at Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Researchers are also exploring the use of Technology in Music Learning Contexts, Evidence-Based Practices for Counseling and the Affect of Neurobiology on Achieving Client Goals, Digital Citizenship and Mobile Learning and Teaching and so much more.

Faculty Highlight

Robin Bagley: Passing on a love of science

The limits on interpersonal contact brought on by an evolving pandemic are not dimming the excitement of the biology department’s newest assistant professor. Robin Bagley is ready to get to know the students at Ohio State Lima and pass on her love for science.

“Although there won’t be as much time face-to-face this semester, I am very excited to get in the classroom and show our students all of the exciting things biology has to offer them,” Bagley said. “One thing I very firmly believe is that biology – and more broadly, science in general – is for everyone, something I hope to convey with both my teaching and with my interactions with our campus and larger communities.”

Bagley is an evolutionary ecologist and population geneticist. Her primary research interest is...Read More

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