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Lima Undergraduate Research Forum

The Ohio State Lima Undergraduate Research Forum is designed to encourage students to actively engage in research. Research can take many forms including scientific research, surveys and essays, artistic creations and students are encouraged to participate in all forms. The main event is a poster presentation where students present their work together, followed by oral presentations scheduled individually or in small groups based on discipline.

2021 Ohio State Lima Undergraduate Research Forum

2021 Forum Dates:
March 19: 300-word abstract due (please e-mail to
March 30: recording of the poster presentation due; students/mentors who submitted abstracts will be invited to submit these to Microsoft Teams (see 2020 forum for example presentations)
April 12-16: the 2021 Lima Undergraduate Research Forum will be held virtually (students recorded presentations will appear on the research forum website during the presentation week)
April 12-16: students will schedule a 30-minute live Q&A zoom session

2021 Mentor Award Due Dates:
March 15: Faculty Sustained Mentorship Award application due (please e-mail
April 19: Annual Research Mentorship Award application due (please e-mail

Beyond the Lima Campus Forum, participation in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival, the University Libraries Undergraduate Research Fellowship, or publication in JUROS are all strongly encouraged, although faculty and students are welcome to pursue any appropriate forum for their discipline that will showcase undergraduate research.

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