The Ohio State University at Lima

Undergraduate Research Peer Mentorship Program

The Undergraduate Research Peer Mentorship Program (UGRPM) is designed to introduce students to undergraduate research using a peer-to-peer mentorship model. Engaging in research on this campus is an incredible opportunity to extend your learning beyond the classroom. By working with peer mentors and our faculty, students gain confidence in tackling difficult problems, learn valuable new skills, and improve their employability upon graduating.

The UGRPM is designed to give mentees an introduction to:

  • how faculty on the Lima campus conduct research
  • how researchers develop effective questions, and
  • how to get involved with undergraduate research while at Ohio State.

Participants in this program will engage in a series of activities culminating in an end of year event sharing student experiences.

If you want to learn more about how to get involved in this program then please contact Meggie Young.

Interview with Dr. Young

Interview with Tori Bradford

Interview with Dr. Norris

Interview with Anna Walker

Interview with Dr. Tompkins