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FAFSA School Code for OSU: 003090

The Financial Aid Office at Lima is here to assists students and their families with services that can help every qualified student enroll. Financial aid is made accessible to remove the cost barriers that may prohibit you from accomplishing your educational goals. Assistance is available from an array of programs funded by federal, state, university and private sources. Students who demonstrate significant financial need may qualify for grants while students with less need may obtain low interest loans. It is our goal to try to make it financially possible for all students to "Be a Buckeye."

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Important changes to tuition and fee policies

Financial Aid Priority Deadlines:

FAFSA – February 1, 2023

Ohio State Lima Application for Special Scholarships – February 1, 2023
Arthur & Marian Rudd Full Scholarship Application – February 15, 2023 (Freshmen Only)

A New Financial Aid Estimator Tool - FAFSA4caster

Students and their families interested in assessing their eligibility for federal student financial assistance can access FAFSA4caster by visiting

Net Price Calculator – Estimate Your Financial Aid Opportunity

Use this calculator to make an early estimate of your total annual cost of attending Ohio State.
The calculator is designed to estimate costs and eligibility for financial aid based on the information you enter about yourself and your family.

The Ohio State University Title IV School Code: 003090

To receive financial aid from an Ohio State University campus, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). See How to Apply.

Eligibility for financial aid is determined by the amount that remains after the student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is subtracted from the cost of attendance. The cost of attendance is the amount the University estimates the student will spend to attend college for one academic year. The cost of attendance includes the basic state University fees, various campus-based fees, room and board, books, supplies, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses.

Buckeye Opportunity Program makes it easier to stay in school

Preshus Lowe has a strict hierarchy of how she spends the money she earns as a full-time cashier at Walmart. First, she sets aside money for her college education, then she pays her other bills and if there is anything left, she spends it on things she needs. If there is nothing left, she turns to her family or her church.

She is also vigilant about keeping track of her scholarships and financial aid. She doesn’t want something important she could be doing to slip by her. On one trip to the financial aid office, she asked how much she owed. When the answer came back that she didn’t owe anything because of the Buckeye Opportunity Program and its grants for Pell-eligible students for whom other aid has fallen short, Lowe was stunned.

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Ohio State Lima Student Financial Aid Office:

Phone: 567-242-7520
Fax: 567-242-7506