The Ohio State University at Lima

WeServe FAQs

What is considered "service?"

Service is giving your time, talent, and possibly sweat to making our community a better place to live and grow. It is doing something that helps others. In this case, service is also voluntary and uncompensated. The Ohio State Lima community includes at least 10 counties surrounding the campus so you have plenty of places to serve.

How do I participate?

It is easy. Get out there and do something to help someone else or your community. When you’re done, report in with your name, date of service, county of service, what you did, who you did it for and how long you served.

Where can I find service opportunities?

A bulletin board that includes posts from organizations that need help will soon be up in Galvin Hall. Also look for an announcement on the WeServe website. It will also have a place to post volunteer opportunities. Many of you are already volunteering in the community. All that activity certainly counts toward our campus goal. Just let us know what you’re doing. If you aren’t currently volunteering, look around and pick an organization, activity or area of need that interests you or matches your skill set. Most nonprofits have multiple needs for volunteers and are happy to tell you more. Ohio State Lima also offers several organized volunteer opportunities throughout each semester, including Day of Service, blood drives and more. The campus clubs also offer many chances to serve, volunteer and donate. Several service learning classes are also on the schedule.

Am I limited to five hours of service?

You are not limited in the number of hours you can serve. In fact, all your time and effort will count toward the campus goal. Keep serving and keep reporting your hours.