The Ohio State University at Lima

Academic Policies

Academic Probation

The OSU Academic Probation and Warning policy is available HERE

Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course

There are specific deadlines relating to the dropping of a class. There may also be financial aid implications.
After reviewing the impact with Finanical Aid, students may drop a course from their Student Center through Friday of the 4th week of the semester without a W. After this date, students will need to come with their Buck ID to the Advising Office in Founders Hall to drop a class.
For more specific and complete information, students should CLICK HERE

Fresh Start

Fresh Start may be an options for students re-enrolling after five (5) or more years. For more information CLICK HERE

Grade Forgiveness Policy

Need to retake a class? For more information on Grade Forgiveness, please CLICK HERE

Reinstatement Process

Have questions about coming back to OSU after dismissal? For more information on the Reinstatement Process, please CLICK HERE