Faculty Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship, Creative Output and Accomplishments

At Ohio State Lima, you’ll discover world-class teachers passionate about connecting their knowledge and expertise to other disciplines as they discover new ways to see the world. The faculty at The Ohio State University aren't just talented, engaged teachers in the classroom, they are also world-class researchers, artists, and practitioners in their fields.

The quality of research is truly what sets us apart - Ohio State Lima attracts talented scholars and top students. With faculty at the forefront of their discipline, their research helps shape the understanding of an enormous range of academic fields across 200+ majors at Ohio State. Faculty on the Lima campus have contributed in areas of study across every discipline including mathematical sciences to psychology, from philosophy to neural science, from artificial intelligence to sociology, theatre, and more.  The depth and breadth of scholarship work at Ohio State Lima is truly unique and translates to the experiences students receive in the classroom and labs.