Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies

The Associate of Arts Degree at The Ohio State University at Lima is a two-year liberal arts degree that gets students started on an exciting relationship with learning that will last a lifetime. In two short years, students can receive an Ohio State degree and the pride and opportunities that come with being a Buckeye.

An Associate of Arts Degree can be the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree or a stand-alone degree. This program is designed for students who are interested in additional education after high school, but don’t want to commit to a four-year degree program as well as for those who want a solid educational foundation but aren’t sure of all their options. Others may be undecided about a major but would still like to start college. Students in this program take coursework that will count toward all majors or degree programs so when they finally decide on a career path, they have already fulfilled much of the required coursework. This is not a terminal degree like some technical-based associate’s degrees; all of the credits apply directly toward a baccalaureate degree at Ohio State.


  • Earn at least 60 semester hours of University credit.
  • Earn math placement level R or credit for Math 1075 and above.
  • Earn 33 hours of core credit - in social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. These are referred to as the basic required courses. College level foreign language is also accepted but not required.The remaining courses – totaling at least 27 semester hours – include those classes that satisfy the general requirements for the individual student’s future baccalaureate program or those courses that meet individual needs. Although the degree is general in nature, students may take a majority of their remaining 27 elective hours in a subject area of special interest to them.
  • Earn a cumulative point-hour ratio of at least a 2.0 on all OSU course work.
  • Earn 20 of the last 30 credit hours through regular course enrollment at OSU.
  • Complete at least 15 of the required 60 credit hours on a regional campus.
  • Complete a minimum of three credit hours at OSU during Summer 1980 or thereafter.
  • Submit transcripts from other universities or colleges if student is a returning or transfer student.
  • File an application for the degree within four years of completing the Associate of Arts requirements.


Year 1

CourseCredit Hours
University Survey1
English Composition3
Social Science3
Biological Science4
Visual and Performing Arts3
Historical Studies3
Physical Science4
Total Hours31

Year 2

CourseCredit hours
Intermediate Essay Writing3
Historical Studies/Culture & Ideas3
Social Science3
Biological Science4-5
Physical Science4
Major Course/Elective3
Major Course/Elective3
Total Hours30

For more information about the Associate of Arts Degree, please contact the Ohio State Lima Advising Office at 567-242-7510.