Research at Ohio State

Ohio State is a verb. You’ll appreciate the beauty of the campus — the world-class facilities alongside historic architecture — but it’s the constant growth and experiences here that students remember.

Ohio State is an ongoing action, stretching out into every academic field — the arts, medicine and beyond. It’s a body of world-class minds committed to understanding and solving the global problems of our generation. It’s the explorative energy of youth guided by wisdom. And it’s a relentless focus on financial stewardship, fulfilling our responsibility to create an educational opportunity accessible to all students. The Ohio State experience — always in motion, always growing, always priceless.

If you could sum up academics at Ohio State in one word, it would be exploration. Research opportunities abound for undergraduates who are ready to explore science and industry challenges outside the classroom. A wealth of internships and co-ops allow students to explore the kind of careers they might have after graduation. Finally, a robust exploration program for the university's 200+ majors makes it possible for undecided students to find their true fit, even customizing a program suited precisely for them.

At Ohio State Lima you’ll become part of a close-knit community that helps you discover your full potential. Work closely with renowned professors at the forefront of their fields. Through them, you’ll share the excitement of not only learning but also advancing the knowledge in your field. You’ll discover opportunities side-by-side with classmates who share your goals. You’ll enjoy a laid-back atmosphere while learning on the leading edge. And best of all─once you understand just how far you can go, you’ll realize you’re already part of a university that can take you there.

By taking your next step at The Ohio State University at Lima, you become part of an academic tradition that leads the way in shaping tomorrow's world.