Undergraduate Research

Research allows you to learn something new, to hone your problem-solving skills and to challenge yourself in new ways while pursuing your interests. Beyond the classroom, many students at The Ohio State University Lima advance their research skills by assisting on faculty-initiated research which gives them the opportunity to work closely with a leading researcher in a field and learn about issues and methodologies. In every department there are also opportunities for student-initiated research. Students apply concepts learned in the classroom to concrete real-life settings while being mentored by a faculty member who provides resources and time. Benefits of doing research include developing marketable skills, working effectively in a team, demonstrating ability to meet challenges and complete a project.

There are many opportunities for students to present their work, at Ohio State and across the country. Among the most important ones are the Lima Campus Undergraduate Research Forum on the Lima campus and the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum on the Columbus campus. Additionally, there are other venues available for presentation such as meetings and conferences.