Annual Research Mentorship Award

Eligibility: Any member of the Ohio State Lima Faculty Assembly is eligible to receive this award. Article 1 of the Constitution of the Lima Campus Faculty Assembly defines the terms of membership in the Assembly. The URMC encourages applications from ALL DISCIPLINES. Given that the URMC evaluates project proposals from different areas and disciplines relative to their own, applicants are encouraged to include information in their application about any unique features of the project or particular obstacles within an area of study that would help inform committee members not familiar with the discipline about the merits of the project.

Annual Research Mentorship Award

Description: Faculty may mentor one or more undergraduate students in a research project - broadly defined to include all disciplines - potentially spanning several semesters. Mentors may work with an individual student or with a small group of students (i.e., a research cluster). Normally, students are expected to earn independent study coursework for the duration of the project, as credit earned would be one measure of the scope and duration of the experience. Reasons for why a student was not enrolled in independent study, if applicable, should be explained to the committee (e.g., project included summer term when the student was not enrolled).

Faculty and their students are expected to have their projects completed by the end of spring semester. The administration may require documentation of project completion before releasing the award (e.g., faculty should submit a copy of the Denman participation form to the administration). The application for an award should be submitted to the URMC by the deadline stated on the committee’s webpage.

Award: Faculty will be rewarded equally at an amount to be determined by the administration per qualifying research project (generally between $500-$1000 per project). This award will be in the form of a line of credit that can be used for professional development (e.g., travel expenses, books, research or teaching materials or supplies), and will be awarded after the spring awards ceremony.

The funds can be accessed directly by using the P-card. For other options, including reimbursements, please contact the Business Office.

Review: The URMC will review each application and recommend to the administration whether or not the project should be rewarded. Faculty who wish to be considered for an Annual student Mentorship Award will have mentored their students through all three required elements: an abstract, a poster presentation, and a public oral presentation as is required for Student Research Scholarship Awards. Exceptions will be considered as needed by the URMC. In addition, it should be remembered that Annual Student Mentorship Awards require efforts made significantly above and beyond expected classroom duties or regular teaching load. The final decision regarding awards will be made by the administration. The winners of this award will be announced at the annual Spring Awards Ceremony.

Award Application: Adobe pdf -or- Microsoft Word doc