Department of Art

The Fine Art program at Ohio State Lima is a new, strong and growing department.

At Ohio State Lima we do not offer a major in Fine Art. We offer a solid, practical foundation in: beginning drawing, intermediate drawing, beginning figure drawing, two dimensional design and beginning painting. With new courses being offered yearly it may soon be possible to work toward an art minor.

Fine Art majors may finish their BFA degree in Columbus, at The Ohio State Universities Department of Art or transfer to other institutions. It is very possible after one year of study at Ohio State Lima to build a portfolio that is ready for submission to any art school, college or university in the country. In addition to building a portfolio for intended art majors, the program also serves as an interdisciplinary area for students from all departments interested in an introduction to art via basic visual studies.

Class trips to galleries and museums in Toledo, Columbus and Chicago round out the visual art experience at Ohio State Lima.

The programs courses serve as an introduction to visual expression aimed at revealing the fundamental concepts underlying all the visual arts. In these classes the students explore seeing and invention, develop skills and work with the vocabulary and methodology of visual thinking.

A Rogues Gallery Exhibition at the Farmer Family Gallery

Farmer Family Gallery

“A Rogues’ Gallery: Works from The 1980s” will be the first virtual exhibition in The Farmer Gallery.