The Ohio State University at Lima

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Advisors at Lima are assigned according to major. Here is the list of Lima advisors.

How do I schedule an appointment with my Academic Advisor?

Please call 567-242-7510 to schedule an appointment.

What are the requirements for Campus Change?

Please refer to for this information.

How do I schedule my classes?

This tutorial will demonstrate how to select your classes in BuckeyeLink.

Scheduling classes tutorial

How do I run a degree audit?

The following will provide step-by-step instructions for running your degree audit.

Degree audit instructions

How do I activate my student e-mail account?

Memorize your:

User name

Where can I find the Academic Calendar?

Wait List FAQs

What is a wait list?

A wait list forms when a class is full. It indicates a student's desire to enroll in the course if a seat becomes open.

Please note that being on a wait list does NOT mean you are enrolled in the class. You will not be charged tuition for a class or earn a final grade for a class until you become officially enrolled in it.

How do I wait list a class?

If the section you are interested in is full, you will be given the option to wait list for that section when scheduling your classes. You must meet all prerequisites for the course before you can be wait listed for the course. You should attend the first week of classes if your wait list number is low.

How do I get added into a course from the wait list?

You are added into a course from the wait list on a "first-on, first-off" basis as space becomes available and fits your schedule. The wait list closes after the first Friday of the semester. After the first Friday, no one will be added to a course from the wait list.

How do I check my position on the wait list?

It is your responsibility to know whether or not you have been put into a course and to monitor your wait list on a regular basis. You will be notified by e-mail if you are added to a course from the wait list, so be sure to check your e-mail and your schedule frequently.

What if I don't get in the course from the wait list?

Go to class the first day and ask the instructor for permission to enroll. If permission is given, complete a "Course Enrollment Permission" form. These forms are also available with the Academic Advising office. Once you have completed the form and obtained an instructor's signature, please call 567-242-7510 to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.