The Ohio State University at Lima

Courses Designed for Academic Success

The courses below are designed to help students overcome academic barriers by giving students the opportunity to enhance and develop success strategies that can be used throughout their academic career.

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Arts & Sciences 2120: Information Search, Evaluation, and Use

You will develop skills that will allow you to critically evaluate information sources and to act as a responsible and ethical information consumer and creator. We hope you leave this course with an understanding of the complexity of the online information environment that you are a part of everyday. No matter your path in life, as long as you partake in sharing and creating digital information, the skills taught in this class will be relevant to your discipline and your career once you graduate. Many students have commented that they wished they’d taken this class their first year at Ohio State.

ESEPSY 1159 - Online Learning Strategies and Skills

This course explores how to use the web for a successful college experience. You’ll learn how to use online tools for time management and organization, develop strategies for online learning, communicate and collaborate online, search for academic content, evaluate the usefulness of online resources, and stay motivated and focused.

ESEPSY 1259 - Learning and Motivation Strategies for Success in College

ESEPSY 1259 helps students develop the academic beliefs and behaviors essential to success in college. More than just a study-skills course, ESEPSY 1259 helps students become strategic learners in the college environment. The course is framed in educational psychology principles, and students learn both practical skills and the research that supports them. In a recent study funded by a SASR Grant, researchers found that students who took ESEPSY 1259 raised their semester GPAs by an average of .70 points from the previous semester, used more effective study strategies, improved their time management, reduced their procrastination, and felt more connected to OSU!

ESEPSY 1359 - Technology-Enhanced Learning Strategies

This course is dedicated to exploring communication media and other technologies that help students achieve success in college and beyond.

Equip yourself with the digital search strategies of an advanced researcher. Learn best practices for creating and managing your digital identity. Develop the skills to collaborate on an efficient and productive team. Hear from professionals using technology-enhanced strategies in their fields. All skill levels welcome; no pre-requisites; apply what you learn to any major.

Subject and content include search strategies, organization, use of evidence in argumentation, public presentations, and self-assessment. Students learn about plagiarism and copyright, employ Boolean logic to search for sources, write and edit collaboratively, use blogs and wikis, build charts and graphs from data, and produce podcasts and digital stories.

ESEPSY 2059 - Becoming a Self-Regulated Learner

This class supports the transition to college and is intended for first-year, transfer, and campus change students. In this course you will develop motivation and skills to overcome recent academic hurdles and prepare for success in the future. The purpose of this course is to help you become a self-regulated learner—someone who creates effective plans, evaluates how well your strategies are working, and adapts your approach based on the results you’re getting. You will complete assignments focused on implementing action plans, building resilience, and applying strategies to succeed in your semester as a whole. You will also work closely with your instructor and classmates in an engaging classroom community.

Ohio State’s SpringForward program will cover the course’s digital textbook fee for all enrolled students. First-year students who take this course may be eligible for the SpringForward