The Ohio State University at Lima

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a friendly place to seek help for any writing project for any class. The tutors can assist you with any part of the writing process.

Who uses the Writing Center?

All types of Ohio State Lima students from classes across the curriculum come to the Writing Center. Writers who may struggle and strong writers alike visit for a multitude of reasons, but, overall, the goal is to help improve writing.

How many people use the Writing Center?

About 2,000 students per year come to the Writing Center for tutorial sessions.

Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center is located on the third floor of Galvin Hall, room 310 (The Learning Center).

When is the Writing Center open?

Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-3pm.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Making an appointment is always the best option so you are guaranteed time with a tutor. However, if you can’t make an appointment, walk-ins are always welcome.

Who can make an appointment?

Any Ohio State Lima student who desires help in writing.

Where should I make an appointment?

You can call the Writing Center at 567- 242-7310 or stop by the Learning Center front desk (310 Galvin) to make an appointment.

What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Call, e-mail, or stop by the Writing Center.

Is the Writing Center a free service, or do I have to pay?

All Writing Center services are free of charge.

Who are the tutors and how are they chosen?

Tutors are students at Ohio State Lima who excel in writing. They are selected by faculty recommendations, G.P.A., a writing sample, and an interview. The important thing is that tutors are your peers and are here to help you become a better writer!

Can I choose the tutor with whom I work?

The tutor who is available at the time can assist you with your paper, but requests for a specific tutor can be made whenever making an appointment.

What can the tutors do to help me?

Tutors can assist students in any part of the writing process, including brainstorming ideas for essays and helping with research methods. They can also assist in constructing thesis statements and topic sentences, and help students in achieving effective paragraph development. Tutors are also here to help with job applications and resumes, documenting sources using MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, and giving tips on how to avoid grammar and mechanical errors. If there are questions that need to be answered about writing, the tutors can help find a solution!

What can’t the tutors do to help me?

Tutors work in partnership with students to improve written work and general writing skills, but they will not write essays or parts of essays for students. Also, tutors will not simply proofread your essays and make changes, and they will not speculate on grades or on the quality of work. The tutors are there to ask questions and to make suggestions, not to complete the work for you.

What should I bring with me to a tutorial session?

A copy of the paper draft is always helpful. Students can bring it on a disk, CD, or USB stick, but it is a good idea to also have a hard copy. Since the tutors may not know the exact expectations for the paper and class, it is always best to bring the assignment sheet, the class syllabus, and any class notes on the assignment, as well as textbooks used for the assignment. Students should also bring their questions and an open mind!

What happens in a tutorial session?

In a typical session, the tutor will ask the student about the assignment and what kinds of areas the student feels need improvement. The tutor and student will then go though the paper together and discuss areas about which the student is concerned or the tutor feels might be improved. The tutor will offer helpful suggestions and refer students to materials as needed. The tutor can also answer any questions that the student may have or point students in the right direction.

When is the best time to bring in my paper?

Students may bring in their papers at any stage of the writing process, but coming in at the beginning stages is always encouraged.

Can tutors help me get the grade I need in my class?

Tutors can assist students in improving their writing abilities and in writing in a clear and concise manner, but, ultimately, the student is responsible for applying that advice to his or her own paper.

Will the Writing Center correct my paper?

The tutors will work in conjunction with students to identify areas that need improvement and to help students learn to identify and correct these areas on their own. Tutors will point out and give advice about areas they feel could be improved, but the students decide what to change in the paper.

Can I leave my paper to be proofread?

The Writing Center does not offer proofreading services, but the tutors can sit down with students and discuss areas in the paper where students may have trouble. This includes mechanics, grammar, spelling, and other areas.

Can I bring in a really long paper?

Yes, but it is best to make an appointment ahead of time if the paper is long. This ensures that the tutors will have the time to give your work their full attention.

How long will a session take?

The sessions can last for any length of time that you need, but, generally, sessions are about 30 minutes long.

Does my professor have to know I came to the Writing Center?

All Writing Center visits can remain confidential by student request. Otherwise, a brief factual report will be sent, via e-mail, to the student’s instructor. Many professors like to see students using the resources and tutors available in the Writing Center because it demonstrates willingness to go above and beyond course expectations.

How many times a week can a student visit the Writing Center?

Students may visit as many times as they feel necessary, but it is always best to make an appointment to guarantee time with a tutor.

What if I just have a quick question about writing?

Any available tutor can talk to you about your question for the amount of time you feel is necessary.

What if I don’t agree with the tutor’s suggestions?

All suggestions that the tutors offer are just options that students may use or disregard for their paper. It is up to students to decide what to include in their papers.