The Ohio State University at Lima

Student and Faculty Testimonials


Katie Sinclair: The Writing Center is an amazing amount of help. I found that they helped me not only in the grammar and punctuation section but also in helping me stay grounded and focused. With their help I won a writing contest and even made a good friend. I would highly recommend the help of writing tutors. Even if you already think you are great, you could get better!

Matt Bolenbaugh: When I hit that mental roadblock, the guidance I received from the Writing Center gave me a detour back to where I needed to be.  

Andrea Schimmoeller: When I needed help on my written assignments, I found the Writing Center was a wonderful place to go. The tutors understand what you are trying to get across in your writing. They even helped me get out of a terrible writer's block!

Andrew Kane: The Writing Center has helped me with many papers I have written.  The tutors have helped me with grammar.  They have also helped me come up with some good ideas to use in my papers.

Britny Stombaugh: During the time I was in the Writing Center, everyone helped me make sure I was on the right track with my papers.

Lily Zell: The Writing Center is a great place for me to get away from all the noise of my life and relax enough to get my work done!


Dr. Deb Burks, English: The Writing Center is a great resource for writers of all skill levels at all phases of their work on a project. While it's obviously a great help to students with rusty writing skills, it is also a service some of my best students have used to their benefit.  I really wish that more of my good writers would use the Writing Center for a bit of work-in-progress feedback.  It almost always helps to have someone share thoughtful responses to your essay while you still have time to clarify a thought or rearrange the points of an argument—before you turn it in to a professor!

Dr. Joe Brandesky, Theatre: The Writing Center, especially the student tutor service, has played an integral part of my Theatre 367.01 course in the past and will continue to do so.  The comments and guidance my students receive in their two sessions with tutors permits an opportunity for peer feedback that is essential in the writing process.  I particularly appreciate the thoughtful and detailed comments I receive from the tutors after the sessions.  They help me determine what particular areas (form, process and/or content) to focus on during class, thereby keeping my attention on the immediate needs of the students and eliminating needless repetition.  I look forward to our continued collaborations in coming years.

Professor Marilyn Carder, English: Students visiting the Writing Center are always impressed with how helpful the experience is for Freshman Composition.  Also, the interaction of tutor with student is friendly and supportive, not judgmental, creating a positive learning experience.  I can't overemphasize the positive aspects of this tutoring in brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing.

Professor Susan Heaphy, Biology: The Writing Center is a wonderful resource for both the students and faculty of OSU-Lima. Each fall quarter I invite Mr. Sutton-Ramspeck and Mrs. Tina Schneider to present a tutorial on writing a research paper to the students in EEOB 232. Mr. Sutton-Ramspeck brings materials on proper construction, citation and documentation for research papers, explains the selection of authoritative source materials and makes the students aware of the services offered by the Writing Center during the actual writing process. Mrs. Schneider demonstrates the use of on-line databases that can be used to locate and obtain information from scientific journals and to find and obtain books from our campus library as well as from the many libraries in the Ohio-Link system.  This presentation is a concise yet comprehensive overview of the tools and methods needed to author a research paper and helps the students get off to a good start. We are indeed fortunate to have such valuable services on our campus and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the help offered by the Writing Center.