Dealing with Disruptive Individuals

The Office of Student Conduct exists to both promote and protect the core mission of The Ohio State University at Lima. The office fosters the core academic, scholarly and civil development of students by creating a safe and inviting learning environment that protects its people and property to further support the university and its mission. The tradition of academic freedom embedded within the framework of open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, values and opinions for all members within the university community are central elements to the mission and must be maintained.

All academic misconduct cases are handled by the Associate Dean and all non-academic cases are handled by the Student Conduct Officer.

The full Code can be accessed at:

Dealing with Disruptive Individuals

If you feel threatened or endangered, call Campus Security, 419-995-8499

What is disruptive behavior?

Disruptive behavior is described as any behavior that interferes with other students, faculty or staff and their subsequent access to an appropriate educational or work environment.

How to deal with disruptive behavior?

First of all, disruptive behavior should not be overlooked or ignored. Remain calm. When appropriate, inform the individual that such behavior is inappropriate and that there are consequences for such disruptive behavior.

Keep your supervisor and/or the appropriate level of personnel apprised of the incident(s) and feel free to contact the Office of Student Conduct for help when deemed appropriate.


Disruptive behavior should always be documented. To document the incident write a factual and detailed account of what transpired and capture with words that are clear what actions were recommended or taken. It is also important to share the documentation with the appropriate personnel. A written complaint alleging a violation of the code of student conduct should be made with the university as soon as possible following the discovery of the alleged violation. With the exception of extraordinary circumstances, the written complaint must be filed within six (6) months for non-academic misconduct cases (3335-23-04) (B-Q) and one (1) month for academic misconduct (3335-23-04) (A) from the date the university official becomes aware of the alleged violation and identifies the student(s) who allegedly committed the violation. With the exception of extraordinary circumstances, the university must initiate charges, if any, within one (1) year of the filing of the complaint.

Should you have a concern and/or issue that may involve Student Conduct please complete the Incident Report below:

Please read the directions carefully before filling out the report. Please select “Other Student Life Department”, and it will be directed to Student Conduct.

The Ohio State University Incident Report

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