Financial Aid: Policies

1. Payment due date: Students must pay tuition, all fees, and prior term balances one week (7 calendar days) before the 1st day of classes. This includes the first installment of the Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP).

2. Late payment fees:

  • $200 for failure to pay by the payment due date (see #1)
  • Increases to $300 for failure to pay by the 2nd Friday of classes

In addition, students will be assessed:

  • $100 for each class added after the 2nd Friday of classes
  • $500 for initial registration after the 2nd Friday of classes

3. Forfeitures and refunds: Students who drop below full time or withdraw from all classes after the first Friday of classes until the 4th Friday of the semester will forfeit a percentage of their tuition and fees depending on when the drop or withdrawal occurs within that timeframe (see chart at right). After the 4th Friday, students will forfeit all of their fees.

4. Future registration: students who have not paid tuition and all fees for the current term will not be eligible to enroll in classes. A financial hold will be placed on the account until the current term has been paid in full.

2019-2020 Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule

Semester   Tuition & Fee Payment Due  First Day of classes
Summer 2019  May 1 May 8
Autumn 2019  August 13 August 20
Spring 2020  December 30 January 6


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