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Impact of Giving Testimonials

Destination Spaces

Kevin and Craig Recker
Second-year biology/pre-dentistry majors

“We were born to be Buckeyes and carry on a tradition that our parents started right here at Ohio State Lima in the 1980s. During that time, they spent a lot of time in Galvin Hall going to class, studying and hanging out. It was the hub of student life. When they returned to campus with us for college visits, they reminisced that not a lot had changed in that building.

“We enjoy hanging out in the Webb – the fitness center, the huddle rooms, the constant activity – it’s all great. But we really like the nostalgia and slower pace in Galvin Hall, too. We have a group of friends who like to play games, study, shoot pool and watch TV. It’s our home away from home. We even went so far as to start a student club called the Basement Club, dedicated to improving the atmosphere in the basement. We’ve met with administrators and had a voice in some of the upgrades that have already taken place. But it can be so much more.

“As pre-dentistry majors, having quiet places to study with groups of friends and places to decompress is so important. We would love to see more huddle rooms, more dedicated student space that is open and inclusive to everyone and a space that screams “Ohio State!”

“Supporting campus spaces like Galvin Hall ensures that our landmark building will continue to serve student needs in the 21st century and enhance the student experience for generations to come.”

The Galvin Hall Fund (316827) supports capital investment in Galvin Hall, and is the first step in creating more destination spaces on campus for students like Craig and Kevin.

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Destination Programs

Nick Vulgamott
Second-year engineering technology major

“As a kid, I always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together, just to see if I could. One time I tore apart by PS2 and wondered if I could make a Bluetooth speaker. When I finally made sound come out of my PS2, my joy shot through the roof. I knew I wanted a career where I could be guided by curiosity to use my hands and solve problems.

“I started here at Ohio State Lima as an engineering major, not knowing exactly which path was right for me or how to make the transition to Columbus. I’ve always enjoyed living in my small town and really had no desire to leave. I want to work here and raise a family here. That’s why I was so grateful when Ohio State Lima announced it would launch a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology in fall 2020. I’ll be able to stay here in Lima all four years, learn from the same wonderful professors I’ve grown accustomed to and even network and build relationships with local manufacturers who will hopefully be my future employers.

“Supporting new programs like the BSET is not only an investment in me, but really, an investment in our local economy and workforce.”

The Ohio State Lima Engineering Technology Fund (316885) provides support for the Engineering Technology program at Ohio State Lima and will ensure that students like Nick have access to necessary equipment, lab space, research, and scholarships.

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Student Support and Scholarships

Kirsten Brunswick
Second-year business management major

“I got my first taste of Ohio State Lima’s student support programs when I decided to participate in an early action program for incoming freshmen known as the University Success Program. Along with giving me a support group on campus, the USP also eased my fears about college coursework, gave me the confidence to join several student organizations and equipped me with the tools I needed to be successful inside the classroom during my first year of college.

“The start of my second year was going well, too, until everything changed in the blink of an eye when I was in a car accident that landed me in the hospital for two weeks with a traumatic brain injury, followed by months of physical, occupational and speech therapy. Throughout all of this, I worried about a lot of things but one thing I never worried about was losing my scholarships. They haven’t gone anywhere and they have allowed me to focus on my recovery and on my class work, which is what’s really important.

“The recovery time for TBI’s can take a year. Or 20. And sadly, for some people, things may never be the same. I don’t know which category I’m going to fall into yet. But I do know that college with a brain injury is possible and that is largely because of the scholarships and support services I’ve received. The fact that someone who doesn’t know me is investing in my future is humbling and it makes a world of a difference. Your generosity does not go unnoticed.”

The Lima Emergency Relief Fund (316936) provides support to students like Kirsten who experience unforeseen barriers to their education and the Ohio State Lima Spring for Scholarships Fund (623935) provides scholarships to Ohio State Lima students. The Ohio State Lima Generation One Program Fund (316517) provides support for Generation One, which is one of the student support programs that equips students with the skills and tools necessary to navigate college.

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