The Ohio State University at Lima

The impact of your gifts

Students at The Ohio State University at Lima reflect on what the generosity of our donors has meant to them on their higher education journey.

De Monte Lindsey
Sophomore, social work
Sesquicentennial Scholar

It’s because of generous donors who that have unknowingly contributed to resilient individuals like myself that I am able to more effectively build for myself the tools that I need to prepare for a life well lived. While I haven’t decided where my future will take me, Ohio State Lima is giving me space to explore what it means to be unequivocally me as I search for my vocation. I am now able to head into the future while being secure in the present moment that guarantees my status as a student financially through specific grants and scholarships that help me to be an effective social worker in the making.

Brianna Yonley
Junior, agricultural communication
Horatio Alger Trott Family Scholarship

There are so many support structures that are critical to success – my family built the social and emotional part I needed. Thanks to the scholarship donors, I have financial support to pursue my degree. I am so proud to attend an institution that is committed to affordable, world class education and I am so honored to be amongst other scholarship recipients who share their passions for Ohio State Lima. We are here to tell you that you have indeed made a wise investment and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Danica Basinger
Junior, business
Friend Scholarship

Even after I had chosen my career path and my university, there was still one last consideration, and that was: how I was going to be able to afford to go to college? Although my parents provide an endless amount of emotional support, I have seven siblings so they aren’t able to financially contribute to my education. With the added burden of extensive medical expenses, I started to see my dream of attending OSU disappear. It didn’t seem possible, but then I learned that I had been awarded several scholarships. These scholarships have given me the ability to focus on my academic plans and health goals, rather than focusing on how I am going to pay for it all.