The Ohio State University at Lima

The impact of your gifts

Students at The Ohio State University at Lima reflect on what the generosity of our donors has meant to them on their higher education journey.

Melissa Martinez-Cuen
Junior, Early Childhood Education
Spring for Scholarships Endowment Fund

My parents taught me that everyone has the power to impact this world. I know that when I become a teacher, I will have future engineers, chefs, librarians and nurses but regardless of the path they choose, I hope they all know the importance of helping through selfless giving to others. I also hope to one day give generously to others, as those who enabled my education and made my dreams possible.

Tori Bradford
Junior, Psychology
J. McLean Reed Music Fund and the Arthur & Marian Rudd Scholarship Fund

I am studying psychology while pursuing a pre-medical path with aspirations to obtain my medical degree and open a practice. The Rudd Scholarship has given me that green light. A sign that said, “Here is the open door, run through it.” This scholarship told me I was exactly where I was meant to be and without it, my dreams may have remained just that – dreams. The thought of going to medical school would be overwhelming without your generosity. You are allowing individuals like me to serve our communities in ways we couldn’t before.

Jonathan Fissel
Senior, Theatre
Martha W. Farmer Theatre Scholarship
Roy and Zelma Roeder Memorial Scholarship

I believe everyone has that one thing in their life about which they are truly passionate. For me, the arts are that passion. The scholarships I have received have made a profound impact. Those funds from my music and theatre scholarships reminded me that someone wanted me to succeed and that someone valued the passions I hold dear. Knowing that someone is willing to help students achieve greatness is what got me through. You believed in me. You pushed me to be better. You helped me graduate. Thank you.

Scott Braunwarth
Sophomore, Communication
Tom and Jean Francis Scholarship

My dream is to one day be a sports broadcaster and Ohio State has paved the way for me to turn my dream into a reality. Being awarded the Tom and Jean Francis Scholarship has meant more to me than I can describe. I know the legend that Tom was to sports broadcasting and his legacy inspires and motivates me to pursue my goals.

Bianca Allen
Junior, Criminal Justice major with Business minor
DREAM Scholarship

The DREAM scholarship has not only given me the means to go to school, but has also given me the motivation to stay in school. I am grateful for this kind of support and encouragement. Just as the DREAM Scholarship supports local students who have faced challenges, I intend to carry on this spirit of generosity and someday establish my own scholarship in memory of my late father so that I may help at-risk teens balance school and work.

Tierra Oliver
Senior, Business Management major
Ross McCain Scholarship, Linda Stelzer Scholarship and Mary & Ezra Place Scholarship

My experience at Ohio State would have been drastically different had I not received scholarships. I will graduate debt free this May. With a lighter financial burden, I was able to work less and take more time to get involved on campus, complete challenging internships and make memories that will last a lifetime. I intend to pay it forward when I graduate.