The Ohio State University at Lima

The impact of your gifts

Students at The Ohio State University at Lima reflect on what the generosity of our donors has meant to them on their higher education journey.

Amari Russell
Sophomore, biology
DREAM Scholar

Amari Russell is a first-generation biology major on the pre-dentistry track from Lima who is a recipient of the DREAM scholarship. The Dare to Reach Excellence, Achievement and Meaning program helps students and their families navigate the admissions process and find a successful path through the college experience.

“Being a student at Ohio State Lima has given me the confidence to believe that anything is achievable and there is no limit to the opportunities around me – I just have to take advantage of them,” Russell said. “I am thankful for you, the donors. You make a story like mine possible. Without your help and generosity, I would be working 40 hours a week just to make payments on my tuition and not have had half of the experiences outside the classroom that have so enhanced my education. I hope you all realize how much of a difference that you are making in our lives and I vow to do my best to not let these scholarships go to waste.”

Sydney Hartford
Junior, theatre
Martha W. Farmer Theatre Scholarship

Sydney Hartford is a junior in theatre from Ada. She has been able to combine her interests in psychology and the arts to further the community discussion of mental health in plays like Octopus Productions’ Next to Normal on campus. The opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic in a study abroad program helped broaden her appreciation for the education she is receiving at Ohio State Lima.

“I’ve been very lucky to have received financial aid for my studies both on campus and abroad. If it weren’t for Ohio State Lima, donors like you, and the scholarships that are made available to students like me, I would not have had the opportunity to travel outside the USA for a very long time, if ever,” Hartford said. “Because of your commitment to students on our campus, I will continue to use my education at Ohio State Lima to inspire those around me to pursue their own passions and follow their dreams as you made my dreams possible.”

Kurtis Bowersock
Freshman, physical therapy
Arthur and Marian Rudd Scholar

Kurtis Bowersock is a freshman in physical therapy from Waynesfield. During his senior year of high school, he suffered two strokes in one day, changing his entire plan for his future. He draws inspiration from the children he met during his recovery. Kurtis earned a half-tuition scholarship from the Arthur and Marian Rudd scholarship fund.

“You will never know the difference that your donations have made on my life. With all the medical bills my family acquired, we were struggling to make ends meet. With my mom being off work to care for me, things were twice as hard for my family. This scholarship award lessened the financial burden on my family and me. I can’t thank you all enough for what you have enabled me to do,” Bowersock said. “You all have impacted the lives of many of us on Ohio State’s campus, and I personally want to say thank you.”