Impact of Giving: Destination Programs

nick vulgamont

Nick Vulgamott
Second-year engineering technology major

“As a kid, I always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together, just to see if I could. One time I tore apart by PS2 and wondered if I could make a Bluetooth speaker. When I finally made sound come out of my PS2, my joy shot through the roof. I knew I wanted a career where I could be guided by curiosity to use my hands and solve problems."

“I started here at Ohio State Lima as an engineering major, not knowing exactly which path was right for me or how to make the transition to Columbus. I’ve always enjoyed living in my small town and really had no desire to leave. I want to work here and raise a family here. That’s why I was so grateful when Ohio State Lima announced it would launch a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology in fall 2020. I’ll be able to stay here in Lima all four years, learn from the same wonderful professors I’ve grown accustomed to and even network and build relationships with local manufacturers who will hopefully be my future employers."

“Supporting new programs like the BSET is not only an investment in me, but really, an investment in our local economy and workforce.”

The Ohio State Lima Engineering Technology Fund (316885) provides support for the Engineering Technology program at Ohio State Lima and will ensure that students like Nick have access to necessary equipment, lab space, research, and scholarships.