K-12 Outreach

Through a combination of meaningful community outreach and high quality education, Ohio State Lima provides opportunities for not only our college students, faculty and staff, but also area youth to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings and become the change agents they want to see in the world. By engaging learners of all ages, Ohio State Lima is helping create the next generation of doctors, inventors, scientists, artists and engineers.

students in front of a screen with OHIO spelled in skeletons

Human Anatomy Lab High School Workshops

During this new event, students will work with Ohio State graduate students and faculty to learn more about human anatomy and see a full body prosection and isolated organs.

tree sitting between grass and desert

Fowler Science Series

Lima is hometown to one of the world’s most famous astrophysicists. William A. Fowler won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983 for his efforts to show how all the natural elements in the Periodic Table are forged under extreme conditions across the course of a star’s lifetime.

Photo of Dr. Shana Schnipke-Duling

STEM Steps

STEM Steps is an enriching and exciting day filled with hands-on activities in various STEM fields to encourage and stimulate an interest in science.

Three kids doing an erosion experiment

STEAM on the Quad

STEAM on the Quad is a family-friendly event where kids in grades K-8 can to do hands-on activities that will improve their knowledge and interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and humanities and Math fields.

2024 WBL Defiance varsity team

WBL Scholastic Bowl

Teams from around western Ohio will go head-to-head in an exciting round-robin WBL Scholastic bowl tournament.

All Tournament winners for 2023 NW Conference Scholastic Bowl

NWC Scholastic Bowl

Teams from the Northwest Conference will go head-to-head in an exciting round-robin Scholastic Bowl tournament.