The Ohio State University at Lima

How to Mentor

Tips for effective mentoring

1. Remind students of deadlines and requirements for the Student Award.

2. Provide prompt feedback.

3. Make sure students understand why they are doing what they are doing, not just how.

4. Work with the student to prepare explicit goals and deadlines.

5. Meet frequently.

Websites offering other advice for research mentoring

Denman Forum: Abstract and Poster presentation resources for the advisee.

SUNY-Buffalo State: Short PowerPoint with highlights about mentoring considerations

Carleton College: Detailed case studies and other materials for both the mentor and the advisee.

Preparing abstracts

Students are required to submit a 300-word abstract to be included in the forum's program.

Preparing for oral presentations

Oral presentations vary by discipline and range from a discussion at the poster, to a powerpoint presentation in a very specific format. Whatever format is used, it should include time for a question/answer session following the oral presentation. These presentations are to be publicized in at least two venues (email, Communicator, etc.), and open to the campus at large.

Preparing for poster presentations

1. Posters can be created using PowerPoint. Poster Size from Thompson Library: 36" x 48" (cost is by the foot so please stay within this measurement). You can specify the poster size in PowerPoint under page setup.

2. Save the final version as a pdf by looking for the ‘PDF/save as’ option when you try to print the file. Evidently, printing directly from PowerPoint may result in less than optimal quality, and if you are using a non-traditional fonts, some lettering may disappear during printing.

Options for printing posters:

In order to maintain the large number of mentorship awards awarded annually, the URMC seeks to limit other expenses, including the cost of printing posters. Faculty are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the low cost of printing posters at the Thompson Library and the Rhodes State Central Duplicating Office.

1. The Thompson Library has a poster printer, and the cost is $7.50/each. However, Thompson requires that students have to go to Columbus to use it (no one can be paid to do it in our place), and it must be paid using a BuckID. Poster Printing

2. The Rhodes State Central Duplicating Office can print posters that are 13" x 19". Multiple sheets can be utilized to create a larger poster presentation.