The Ohio State University at Lima

Student Presentation Award

Eligibility: Any student at Ohio State Lima is eligible to receive this award with the backing of a faculty mentor and approval by the committee.

Student Presentation Award

Description: Students work with a faculty mentor in a research project - broadly defined to include all disciplines - potentially spanning several semesters. Students could work in a group or by themselves. Students may earn independent study course credit for part (or for the duration) of the project. However, enrollment in independent study is not required to participate in the forum or to qualify for awards. Faculty and their students are expected to have their projects completed by the end of spring semester. The application for an award should be submitted to the URMC by the deadline stated on the committee’s webpage.

Mentored students will prepare the following three elements:

1. An oral presentation on the Lima campus. This presentation should be publicly advertised on campus in at least two ways, such as email, posters, or The Communicator. This presentation can take place at any time during the academic year. The length, setting, and content is supervised by the faculty mentor. This presentation is required, but will not be judged. Faculty members are responsible for documenting the public advertisements.

2. Students are required to submit a 300-word abstract to be included in the forum's program.

3. A poster. There will be a poster session in the library each year after the Denman Forum in Columbus. Posters will also be displayed for approximately one week for campus wide viewing.

Award: The value of the award is 50$ for each project presented in the forum.