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Theatre is a major form of human expression emphasizing performance. Many cultures throughout world history have some form of theatre. Through characterization actors present performances that often give us insight into the human condition. Theatre is both a visual and aural experience where both the performers and their audience share in and make up the experience of theatre. The study of theatre embraces a broad range of subjects including acting, directing, and theatrical design. Theatre education includes history, criticism, and literature of theatre, performance for the moving image and new forms of theatre.

Career Opportunities

Persons who graduate with a degree in theatre are found in just about all walks of life. Most people assume that the theatre profession is limited to actors who specialize in performing on stage, on television, or in films. The truth is, there are many professional positions including designers, stage managers, technicians, audience education specialists, box office managers, marketing and development personnel, and arts administrators that involve theatre expertise. These positions are not just found in regional, summer stock, and other theatre venues. People with theatre expertise are sought after in theme parks, museums, schools and educational institutions, digital media companies, and throughout the entertainment industry.

Theatre students learn to meet deadlines, to work with diverse groups of people toward a common goal, to analyze situations, to identify alternatives and then make the best choices, to accept responsibility for decisions, to communicate facts and feelings effectively, to understand others, and to think on their feet.

Competition is intense in most theatre positions, but those who are willing to work hard, develop the proper skills, and stay open to creative possibilities can find meaningful employment in the theatre or the broader cultural sector. Graduate programs in theatre offering a Master of Fine Arts or PhD degree are open to those with a theatre undergraduate degree to further their education and to become more specialized in the field. Many colleges and universities seek out theatre majors as ideal graduate students due to their unique exposure to such a varied discipline.

Faculty and staff for Department of Theatre

As with many of Ohio State Lima's programs, courses are offered through a combination of various instructional techniques including web-based courses, distance learning, and on-campus instruction offered by regular full and part time departmental faculty as well as local business leaders.

  • Dr. Joseph Brandesky, PhD
  • Dr. Maria Ignatieva, PhD
  • Margaret M Anich, MFA
  • Dan Matthews, MFA
  • Loo Brandesky, BS
  • Doug Raver, BA


  • The Martha W. Farmer Theatre for the Performing Arts

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