Honors Program

The Honors Program at Ohio State Lima is for those students who wish to enhance their learning and personal growth from their many experiences as a college student. It is a program of academic rigor that enriches the professional and personal experiences of motivated students. The honors program is part of what we call Academic Enrichment programs (ACE) which help define us at Ohio State Lima and match closely with the values of our unique campus. The other Academic Enrichment programs are Service Learning, Global Education, and Undergraduate Research.

Honors Students are Ohio State Lima's Leading Learners

Honors students are those students who strive to be:

  • Professionals
  • Change Makers
  • Scholars
  • Citizens
  • Humanitarians

What does it look like to be an Honors Student at Ohio State Lima?

  • Honors students take honors-designated classes from some of our most distinguished faculty, where learning is extended through enrichment opportunities.
  • Honors students are part of a community of learners who strive for excellence and who serve as models of academic achievement at the university.
  • Honors students extend their knowledge and skills through collaborations with the richest intellectual and cultural life in our surrounding communities and beyond.
  • Honors students are provided opportunities on campus and off that heighten awareness, accelerate understanding, and foster agency.
  • Honors students have fun through the excitement of challenge and the thrill of achievement. We celebrate this through enjoyable experiences together as a community!

The Honors Program is an opportunity for students coming into Ohio State Lima who have achieved at a certain level in high school, or those students already enrolled in the university, to extend their achievement.

  • Students who hold a GPA of 3.4 or higher, have an ACT score (if available) of 26 or higher, and who are ranked in the top 20% of their graduating class are encouraged to apply.
  • Students interested in being part of the Honors program will follow an application process. After submitting an application, and upon faculty review, a letter will be sent informing students of their (H) Honors designation acceptance, their (I) invited status (those students who have access to all Honors events and opportunities but are not officially designated as Honors students), or denial from the program.
  • Students who hold a 3.4 GPA at Ohio State Lima can apply for the program any time in their college career.
  • Students who are admitted agree to standards of involvement that include enrollment in honors courses whenever possible (the required number of honors courses is specified by the major), maintaining academic excellence through their semesters at Ohio State, engagement in honorific activities throughout each academic year, and participation in an annual review to ensure their continuation in the Honors program.
  • Successful Honors students who meet all requirements can receive the “H” Honors designation upon graduation from Ohio State.
  • There are opportunities for tuition awards, graduation awards, and book awards.
  • For more information on honors at The Ohio State University, please visit https://honors-scholars.osu.edu/honors

For those that are accepted into the program, there will be a meeting at the start of the fall semester to plan and set us on our course for the year!

Questions can be directed to: lima-askabuckeye@osu.edu

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